Best Practices for Deck Safety and Maintenance

Deck Safety and Maintenance

Five Tips for Homeowners to Protect Their Families During Deck and Water Safety Month

Summer weather is around the corner – and as homeowners begin to spend more and more of their time outdoors, it’s important to keep safety top-of-mind.

Deck Safety and Maintenance

May has been designated as both Deck Safety Month, by NADRA, and Water Safety Month, by the PHTA. It’s a crucial time for homeowners to refresh their knowledge about potential hazards, best practices, and proper maintenance for their outdoor living spaces.

“Outdoor living spaces offer us a place to relax, reconnect, and create memories year-round. By proactively recognizing, understanding, and mitigating safety risks, homeowners can be empowered with the confidence to enjoy their decks and pools responsibly, throughout May and beyond,” says Michelle Hendricks, Deckorators Category Marketing Manager.

Deck Safety and Maintenance

Follow This Acronym for Best Practices and Maintenance this Summer

Deckorators remains committed to raising awareness about the importance of a safe and secure outdoor living environment, with a range of reliable products designed to offer peace of mind. This season, we invite you to use the acronym “SAFER” as a tool to evaluate the safety and longevity of your own space.


Set aside time for a thorough overview of your deck and inspect for any signs of damage. This may look like: loose or damaged boards, joists, stairs, railings, flashing tape, nails, screws, or other accessories.

If your deck was built with a sleeper system to address water management and air circulation, check to ensure it remains properly drained and ventilated to prevent moisture damage.

Keep an eye on any other areas that may face heavy exposure to water or moisture and watch for mold.

Additionally, survey your property for any trees with rotting or decaying limbs that may pose a risk of falling onto your deck.

Deck Safety and Maintenance


Access is about ensuring clear and unobstructed paths of movement across your outdoor living space.

When placing your outdoor furniture, make sure it doesn’t lie too close to the edge of your deck. In general, check for obstructions to entry and exit points, and make sure you and your guests have enough space to move around easily.

Stairs need to be accessible – keep outdoor furniture and decor away from landings.

If you have a pool, ensure that gates, drain covers, and pool covers are compliant and functioning properly.

Deck Safety and Maintenance


Preventing falls in the outdoor living space requires a holistic approach, including a combination of railings, step treads, traction, and proper visibility.

For enhanced traction around the deck, consider a mineral-based composite material that can be warranted for installation in and around water. These innovative products often offer a slip-resistant grip, heat reduction, and durability that transcends seasons.

Make sure your deck railings are properly installed and secure. Give them a push to make sure they don’t give.

When it comes to stairs, step treads help prevent falls and injuries by providing a slip-resistant surface.

Lastly, don’t overlook visibility. Make sure your deck is well-lit enough for people to safely move around throughout the evening and night. There are plenty of deck lighting options to choose from, including recessed deck lighting and post cap lights.

Deck Safety and Maintenance


To prevent electrical hazards, check on any lighting, appliances, heaters, grills, outlets, and fans around your deck. Ensure they’re weatherproof, waterproof, and functioning properly.

Additionally, keep power cords out of the way to prevent injuries.

Deck Safety and Maintenance


Make sure your outdoor living space is up to state and local code and meets regulations.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you notice anything concerning, have questions, or would like additional guidance, consult a professional or arrange for a deck inspection.

With a plan in place to regularly evaluate and address the safety of your outdoor living space, you can help protect your family and guests, and create a comfortable, enjoyable experience for everyone all year long.

Deck Safety and Maintenance

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