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BESSEY®: NEW Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps







July 1, 2013 – BESSEY announces an extension of the Auto- Adjust Toggle Clamp line from three to eight distinct configurations.

The original BESSEY range of Auto-Adjust Toggle Clamps included two horizontal clamps and one inline toggle clamp – each with a horizontal base plate. This offering has now been expanded with the addition of five further models. Included in this expansion are three additional horizontal toggle clamps in a more compact format, one of which has a horizontal base plate, one with a vertical base plate and one with a 90° angled base plate. The inline clamp range has also been expanded with two compact models: one model with a horizontal base plate and one with a 90° angled base plate.

The new Auto-Adjust Toggle clamps also include detailing improvements. For example, the opening angle is now a full 90°. The oil-resistant two component plastic grip is relatively larger on the more compact models and incorporates an anti-slide device and lever stop. Additional features are the rotating pressure plate with removable protective cap (instead of a screw with a rubber stopper) and a very flexible base plate hole pattern that is suitable for standard dimensioning in millimeters and inches.

All models – new and old – continue to feature the ability to automatically adjust to work piece dimensions while maintaining constant clamping force and, with the ability to adjust that clamping force as needed at set-up time. Time-consuming manual adjustment of the pressure screw is greatly reduced.

Auto-Adjust-Press-Grouping-STC-all-five_printBESSEY® has been a market leader in clamps since 1936. If you know
clamps, you know BESSEY®. You know our reputation for quality and
reliability; you know we’re 130 years of German engineering backed by the
strength of our product and our reputation. BESSEY®. Simply better.
For more information e-mail [email protected] or call 1-800-828-1004.

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