Behr Premium Plus Ultra, Paint for the Extreme

It’s springtime and that means house painting to many of you.  We have been using a new product from Behr, Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint with primer.  I have used the product on interiors, but this has been our first experience using it on an exterior job.  Like the other Behr products we have used, Ultra Premium has excellent one coat coverage even with darker colors over light and vice-versa.  Behr uses its NANOGUARD® technology to add an extra layer of protection against the elements and keep your paint looking fresh longer.  We have painted both smooth and rough finish pine, cement board, polyurethane and cypress wood.

Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra is a time saver as the product has a primer already in the product and its ability to cover in one coat in most cases speeds up your painting process.  Premium Plus Ultra is thick like other premium paints we have used that include primer and if you are spraying you can dilute with water up to eight ounces per gallon.  Do not thin if you are brushing or rolling with this product.  We used a Milwaukee Airless Paint System to apply paint to the open areas and followed up with back brushing and rolling.  Mildew inhibitors are already in the paint, which here in the South is a big plus due to our high humidity and hot temperatures.

Another nice feature of Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra is that it can be applied in temperatures down to 35 degrees. Behr products are available at Home Depot and for the commercial painter, Behr offers job-site delivery, an option  which we took advantage of. There was no waiting around for the paint, we ordered it and it was delivered to the job site quickly and already tinted to our chosen colors.  Lugging around 20 gallons of paint is not our idea of a fun way to spend an afternoon.  Whether you have a cottage that need sprucing up or a large estate home needing refinishing, Behr Premium Plus Ultra is an outstanding choice for your next painting project.

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