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Basement Remodel: Molding & Millwork

Earlier this year, homeowner Keith Early decided to take matters into his own hands. He found a way to change his home’s ugly, wasted basement space into a retreat for family and friends. And, he leaned heavily on products from Ornamental Moulding & Millwork to help create the change.


Decorative Millwork to the Rescue

To start with, Early’s basement had lots of traditional, round white steel structural posts. Decent lighting was available in the basement, but that’s where the basics stopped.

“From my time working at Ornamental, I knew that some simple additions of millwork could help transform my basement space,” says Keith Early, vice president of marketing and new product development at Ornamental Moulding & Millwork. “I looked at this project and the resources available to me and dug right in.”

Breaking up the Space

With a unique vision, Early set out to create a comfortable big screen TV viewing section, a designated pool table area plus a new bar and wine room. He started with the ceiling. To meet the challenge of breaking the room apart visually, he added Maple 5” Faux Wood Beams to a portion of the ceiling over the TV area. These were accented with Black Faux Beam Metal Brackets.

Moving downwards from the ceiling he next tackled the round white steel posts. Early surrounded each one with Decorative Boards in Black to create a “box look” for each post. This created a visually enclosed area for the wood-accented pool table.

Leaning toward a wood, cream and gray color palette in the room, Early next fashioned the bar area by using Maple 3” Faux Wood Beams as island legs at both ends of the bar. He also used Rustic Maple Boards along the front.

“As a finishing touch, I installed the same Rustic Maple Boards in a two-step design on the entry area wall to the wine room,” says Early. “The visual connection serves to pull the basement together. Then as a last step, I added White Oak Decorative Boards to create the wine racks on the wall.”

Now complete, the basement retreat serves as a showcase to friends and family, proving that creativity, mixed in with the right millwork and moulding, can transform a basement into added living space in the home.

The Made in America Decorative Boards and Rustic Beams are available nationwide at Lowe’s® and

Ornamental Moulding & Millwork manufactures a wide array of decorative wood mouldings and accessories. Owned by NOVO Building Products, the industry’s leading manufacturer and distributor of mouldings, stair parts, doors and specialty millwork, Ornamental Moulding & Millwork is based in Archdale, N.C. For more information, visit or call 1-800-779-1135.


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