An Interior Design Guide To A Hamptons Style Kitchen  

The Hamptons style started in New York in the United States. Along its coastal region in the 19th century was a lone series of angling territories where the local residents lived humble lives.   

Residences were primarily beach bungalows or country houses, which slowly changed when a train got into the picture and connected the countryside to the main cities.

Eventually, city people started exploring the Hamptons, and eventually, the area became a favorite go-to spot during the holidays. Since the area expanded and got wealthy because of all the tourists, the rural houses were changed and revamped to give visitors more reasons to visit and cater to the region’s influence. As a result, the Hamptons style became popular in interior design in recent years because it combines a modern vibe with still vintage features. 

Many people love the look of the beautiful Hamptons design for their kitchen merely because it has a clean yet sophisticated look. It has a minimalist vibe allowing you to add more items to your kitchen and still look fancy and coordinated.   

If you plan to renovate your kitchen design soon and seek to have the Hamptons look, here are some expert kitchen design ideas to guide you to a Hamptons-style kitchen and recreate the seaside ambiance in your home.   

  1. Beach Vibe Is Key   

The Hamptons kitchen design contains a seaside, beach fashion with a classy look. Since the said kitchen design is motivated by the quiet waterside lifestyle of The Hamptons of Long Island, New York, it’s indeed a well-planned and made-to-last structure that reflects a masterpiece and shore feel. This will let you experience a luxurious and classy-styled kitchen yet functional and save you more space.   

  • White Base Colors Are Indispensable   

Hamptons kitchens feature a tidy setup look and commonly showcase a white interior for better light and a reflecting feel. Marble-made fixtures and bench tops are famous for their simple and timeless quality. 

White rim panel kitchen cupboards are commonly used for their standard and simplified detail as well. Beach colors like warm whites, greens, and soft blues are good options too, to blend it well with the tidy white setup or neutral grays, and naturally shadiness of inspired elements of stone and sand.   

  • Vintage Accents To Emphasize The Hamptons Look   

Using neutral and white colors, blended with a light and airy vintage touch, is a characteristic of a Hamptons kitchen. Also, if you want some changes and differences, stunning opaque rigid flooring made from wood is ideal with the surrounding white components while obtaining a touch of the seaside to open the spaced area.   

  • Flooring Should Match The Overall Look 

The Hamptons kitchen style is composed of light and natural materials and colors, therefore, it’d be best to choose a flooring that has suitable materials or colors. Think of lighter brown material for flooring. For example, light oak floors or some wooden flooring detailed look can do the job. You can also combine it with carpet or rugs made from natural fibers. 

If your kitchen bar, sink, and cabinets have much lighter colors, it’s better to have darker flooring styles to give it a classy and sophisticated look.  

  • Lastly, Some Finishing Touches 

And for the exciting part of this guide are your finishing touches. The Hampton-style kitchen design will never look its best if the furnishing and other small details are poorly planned. A lot of different materials and furnishing pieces must be coordinated along with this design, like:   

  • Sink  

If you’re attracted to Hamptons styled kitchen, you must probably like a more oversized trendy sink, like a double sink. You can choose stainless materials for modern type, ceramic material for a classy look, or a large fluted sink for a more sophisticated but traditional design.   

  • Tabletop  

You should also include the table top as you plan the overall look to have a Hampton-style kitchen. The kitchen island table top is among the trendiest design additions nowadays. It’s classy, matches the kitchen theme, and can save more space.  

  • Chairs Or Stools  

Having enough space for your Hampton kitchen would be no problem. Using extravagant chairs would probably give a very luxurious look. However, if space isn’t a premium, kitchen stools are the best idea for it, together with the center island table top to create an illusion of a spacious kitchen

  • Tapware  

The suggestion of a trendy tapware for Hampton design is gooseneck tapware or any material that would contrast your design.  

  • Lights  

Large pendant lights are the best pick for this layout, not just because they are trendy nowadays but because they’ll suit perfectly for an elegant and classy look in a modern way.


In short, Hamptons kitchens define a simple lifestyle and a breezy beach life with a neutral palette. That contains natural materials, superior finishes, and lots of natural lighting. You just have to work out your design to go well with your space, whether you’re dealing with a small kitchen area or a spacious one.  

Considering the kitchen design tips and tricks above will lead you to the simple, comfortable yet urbane Hamptons kitchen style. 

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