Americans Plan to Tackle More High-Ticket Home Improvement Projects in 2022

Americans will be doing more outdoor home improvement projects this spring and they’ll be spending much more time on these tasks. According to the 2022 Axiom Home Improvement Outlook Survey, nearly 67% of homeowners say they will spend more time on outdoor home improvement projects this year than in 2021. Six in 10 respondents report they will spend between $1,000 and $5,000 on these projects.

“Spring is the time for outdoor tasks,” says Mike Reiber CEO of Axiom Marketing. “But experts are telling us this boost in outside of the house projects is more than seasonal. Since 2020, many Americans have focused on updating the interior of their homes. Now they’re turning their attention to projects that improve and update their outdoor environments to make them as nice as the inside of their homes.”

According to the survey, more than 58% of respondents feel they’ve now finished their interior home improvement tasks. The top five outdoor projects they’ll take on this year include adding new shrubs or trees, building or renovating a deck, adding a fence, expanding or creating a new flower garden, and exterior painting. How much are homeowners planning to spend? 48% of those surveyed said they’ll be shelling out anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 on projects. 28% say they’ll spend under $1,000. More than 15% expect to spend up to $10,000. Nearly 50% say they’ll pay for the projects in cash.

Most homeowners will take on the jobs themselves with just over 41% saying the tasks will be do-it-yourself projects. Hiring a professional comes in a close second with nearly 38% of homeowners saying they’ll leave it to the pros.

When asked why they’re planning these outdoor projects for 2022 the top answer focused on wants rather than needs. 41% of those surveyed said it was “something they wanted” for their home or yard. Increasing home value, spending more time outdoors, and routine maintenance rounded out the other top responses.

The biggest challenge for respondent’s home improvement wish lists is money. Across the age groups and genders, it’s the number one barrier to completing projects this spring.

For more information on the Axiom 2022 Home Improvement Outlook, download the report here:

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