A “Certified” Squeak-Free Floor?

Installing a squeak-free floor should be the goal of any professional flooring installer–and the hope of any homeowner. To accomplish this requires diligent floor prep, knowledge of the flooring materials and how they perform, proper installation techniques and the right fastening system. To help installers achieve the squeak-free results they strive for, Paslode offers the first subfloor fastening system to get official “No Nail Squeak” certification from the NAHB Research Center. (That’s the National Association of Home Builders for you newbies).

Flooring squeaks are usually caused by loose nails rubbing against the flooring materials. So, what’s so special about these new subfloor fasteners?

According to a “hot-off-the-press” Paslode PR announcement: “The Paslode TetraGrip Subfloor Fastening System … includes the TetraGrip fastener, which features a patent-pending barb-threaded design that allows the fastener to rotate as it drives to bond with wood fibers, along with a specialized pneumatic coil nailer. Use of TetraGrip™ dramatically reduces the steps involved in securing the subfloor by eliminating the need for glue in the initial installation and the need to add screws once the floor has been fastened. This translates into increased jobsite productivity, fewer call backs for repairs, and greater homeowner satisfaction.”

Heres more: “To test the performance of Paslode’s TetraGrip(TM) Subfloor Fastening system, the NAHB Research Center developed criteria and a testing method for determining if a fastener will squeak or not, based on the average decibal (dBA) net value (measured sound level during testing less background sound level). The criteria mandates that the average dBA net value of all test runs must not exceed 3dBA and no individual test may exceed 5dBA. The TetraGrip fastener met this requirement and successfully demonstrated that nail squeaks resulting from movement between the subfloor and the fastener will not produce squeaks that are audible to the average homeowner.”

Learn more about Paslode’s new TetraGrip system at www.paslode.com. (photo © Paslode)

— M. Weber

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