2024 National Hardware Show Preview

National Hardware Show

National Hardware Show

Event: The National Hardware Show

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada USA

When: March 26-28, 2024

The Leading Hardware and Home Improvement Industry Show Welcomes Attendees For An Immersive Experience Complete with New Events and Exhibitor Categories

The National Hardware Show® celebrates a rich history spanning 79 years of serving the home improvement marketplace. From its early beginnings in New York during the post-World War 2 housing boom and eventual move to Chicago in the 1970s, to today’s current location in Las Vegas, NHS is the most comprehensive event, education and networking platform serving the hardware and home improvement industry. As the industry spearhead, it keeps a focused eye on the cultural, environmental, and technological developments shaping the future of modern living. NHS unites and guides the industry at its live events and on its interactive channels by delivering unparalleled opportunities for fostering connections, deepening insights, and building innovative and profitable strategies for growth. For more information on the National Hardware Show, visit www.nationalhardwareshow.com.

Extreme How-To is proud to be a supporter and media partner of the event. We offer this preview as our list of recommended stands to visit at the show.

MULE Products- Stand W1435

Mule garage fan MULE porch or deck fan Mule garage fan

Come and see the new Mule brand and their unique products for the DIY consumer. Our staff was recently introduced to these new products and we highly recommend visiting the MULE booth. New product launches include the Garage Fan with Work Lights, Outdoor Patio Fans and Mobile Workshop with Portable Power. These fans are easy to install and provide the airflow you need to keep your workplace comfortable and safe.

Mule specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing innovative products for the DIY consumer. MULE products are designed to have high functionality and multiple uses to make projects and workspaces better. For more info, go to muleproducts.com

Surebonder – Stand W937

Surebonder Products

Surebonder is a brand name you can trust to meet your adhesive and fastening needs. Surebonder manufactures quality glue guns, hot glue sticks, staple guns, staples, rivet tools, rivets, and pneumatic fasteners.

The Surebonder TriggerFire staple gun was redesigned to ensure easy, precise stapling with one hand. In Trigger mode, simply squeeze the handle to pre-set the staple gun, position the tool on the work surface and then squeeze the Trigger to set the staple. In normal mode, the TriggerFire functions as a traditional staple gun. This staple gun is also equipped with an Adjustable Staple Depth mode that adjusts the force exerted to set a staple.  This feature comes in handy when using various staple lengths into soft or hard woods.  The TriggerFire uses Surebonder #4 or Arrow T50 type staples and features an easy Drop-In-Staple loading design.  The heavy-duty construction and easy-to-use design makes even the toughest projects a breeze.

One of Surebonder’s most popular products is the DT-360F Glue Gun. This convenient and highly effective electric tool provides enough power for even sizable projects. The extra safety features assure a seamless, worry-free crafting experience, and the ergonomic design lets you complete even long-term, repetitive, and/or detailed projects in comfort. Forgetting to turn off your glue gun is a thing of the past with Surebonder’s patented Auto Shut Off technology that will automatically turn off the glue gun after 30 minutes of non-use. The mid-range price assures high quality while turning this convenient and precise dispenser into a must-have for any do-it-yourselfer’s tool kit. For more info, go to surebonder.com

Howard Products- Stand W4103

Howard Wood-N-Floors

Hardwood flooring of all types is taking over the home improvement category. With better longevity, a more elegant appearance, and better real estate value than carpet, hardwood floors are more prevalent than ever. Howard Products has taken notice of hardwood floors’ popularity and has developed a cleaner that will leave no residue, no streaks, and dries fast!

Wood-N-Floors cleans hardwood floors, luxury vinyl planks (LVP), laminate, and engineered floors. It quickly removes dirt and grime from hardwood floors without leaving any sticky residue or streaks. This ready-to-use mixture of water-based, plant-derived surfactants will gently clean your hardwood floor. Howard Wood-N-Floors cleans to reveal the natural shine on hardwood flooring, cabinets, furniture, and more!

Wood-N-Floors was created in the same tradition that has gone into all of Howard’s products since 1969 – the tradition of quality. Wood-N-Floors’ ingredients have been extensively tested and proven to work on the oldest hardwood floors to the newest luxury vinyl planks (LVP), laminate, and engineered flooring.

An industry leader and innovator for over 50 years, Howard Products is best known for creating Restor-A-Finish, Feed-N-Wax, and many other unique products that are available around the globe at fine antique and home improvement stores.

For more information visit their website HowardProducts.com

Coast Products- Stand W408

Coast HP7 Flashlight

A long time favorite of the EHT staff, the Coast Products HP7 flashlight features the latest in LED technology. Coast’s patent-pending Pure Beam optics produce a pure, bright consistency across the entire beam, whether you want the tightest spot or widest flood of light. The unique spot-beam optics provide a clear, bright center, while also showing a wide angle “halo” so you can see what’s going on around your primary target. The HP7 flashlight is housed in a rugged 5.5-in. aluminum casing with four AAA batteries (included). It projects 207 lumens of brilliant light delivering a runtime of 3.5 hours. It has a beam distance of 613 ft. and offers high and low beam modes. Coast offers an array of top quality professional grade flashlights, knives, and safety gear. Visit www.coastportland.com.

MICROJIG- Stand W335

microjig Grr-ripper2 Go

The Grr-ripper2 Go makes MICROJIG’s flagship product even more accessible, as it comes fully assembled from the box. It also features an easy, color-coded guide to help users set cutting width. Of course, the product also includes what has made the Grr-ripper a go-to tool worldwide for over 20 years and a No. 1 product on Amazon—it protects hands and fingers from the saw blade, gives the user control through the cut and prevents kickback. Perfectly engineered for safety, the Grr-ripper2 Go allows users to cut pieces as thin as 5/16” safely and accurately with no bare-hand feeding, keeping material tight along the fence. It can also be used to keep hands and fingers away from bits and blades on the router table, band saw and jointer, providing the control users deserve to have in their woodworking space. For more info, go to: microjig.com

Red Devil- Stand W400

Red Devil Paintable Silicone

Red Devil Inc. has been serving the construction and hardware industry since 1872, with 152 years of quality and innovation in caulks, sealants and painter’s hand tools.  Red Devil provides tool and chemical products for professionals and do-it-yourselfers including painter and drywall tools, putty knives, wall scrapers, taping knives, adhesive spreaders, utility knives, acrylic latex/silicone sealants, foam sealant, spackling/glazing compounds, and construction adhesives.

Red Devil Paintable Silicone is an ultra-premium sealant with a superior hybrid formulation. It provides the exceptional waterproof performance needed from a silicone sealant with unmatched paintability. This 100% waterproof sealant is ideal for wet and dry applications, which makes exterior projects and waterproofing a breeze.

Paintable Silicone is paint-ready and rain-ready in 30 minutes. This sealant is also permanently flexible, shrink-proof, freeze-proof, sun-proof, won’t crack or crumble, and is mold and mildew resistant when cured. Plus, it is backed by a lifetime guarantee and meets or exceeds ASTM C920 Class 25 spec rating.

Visit reddevil.com to learn more.

Rapid Rafter- Stand N38

The Rapid Rafter dual-sided square enhances workflow and product quality with time efficiency and accuracy with every measurement.

The Rapid Rafter is a much needed innovation to the traditional rafter square that has not changed in almost 100 years. Lumber, however, HAS changed. There’s more radius edge on lumber and more sapwood with wane that makes it more difficult to find a true perpendicular with a traditional speed square. Using Rapid Rafter, a dual speed square, allows the carpenter to lay out and mark ridges, hips, valleys and rafter tails with greater speed and accuracy that results in a significant reduction in work time.

“We are proud to introduce this dual sided square, a true game changer for professionals who value work time efficiency and accuracy in their work,” said Peter Toomey, the inventor of Rapid Rafter.  “Our commitment to innovation extends beyond the product itself; it’s about enhancing the workflow of the professionals who rely on our tools. Our goal is to provide a tool that seamlessly integrates into workflow and empowers professionals to elevate their craft and achieve outstanding results project after project.”

To explore the features and benefits of Rapid Rafter, visit www.rapidrafter.com.

SureCan- Stand W749


The EHT staff’s top choice for fuel cans is SureCan.

SureCan offers 2+ and 5 gallon gasoline fuel cans, which are ideal for everyone who refuels their lawn and garden machines, ATV’s, generators or any other machines that require gasoline to run. According to the EPA, each year 17,000,000 gallons of gasoline are spilled while using gas cans. The SureCans are designed with a patented rotating nozzle and thumb-release trigger to fix this problem. The design allows users to control the flow of fuel by depressing the trigger while at the same time being able to see into their machine’s fuel tank, preventing overfill and spills. Other features of the SureCan fuel cans include a trigger safety lock, self-ventilating system, comfortable hand grip, durable design and two child-proof caps. surecanusa.com

1791 EDC- Stand W645

1791 EDC

Building upon years of experience in leather craftmanship, 1791 EDCTM (Everyday Carry) has launched an entire new line of premium leather everyday carry tool organizers.

The 1791 EDC tool organizers come in a variety of options from belt attachments to pocket carry. Each product is designed to carry a variety of everyday carry essentials such as knives, multitools, flashlights, pens, keys, etc. in an organized fashion. The EDC tool organizers are handcrafted from premium full grain leather with reinforced stitching and come with a lifetime warranty.

The full product line consists of fifteen different options to cater to your personal needs and are all available in three different colors to include burgundy, chestnut and black.  Complementing the tool organizers is a full line of HEAVY-DUTY WORK BELTS made from thick, reinforced leather to ensure long lasting performance. Available at 1791edc.com/shop

Estwing- Stand W1348

Estwing tools

Since 1923, Estwing has designed and manufactured fine American-made hand tools. The hammers and axes are forged in one piece of solid American steel to last a lifetime. Estwing has a full line of Sledge Hammers & Specialty Hammers. The Estwing lineup includes Sledge Hammers, Specialty Hammers, Pry Bars, Alignment Bars and Splitting Mauls. Handle types for the Hammers and Mauls include “Indestructible,” fiberglass and hickory. The Indestructible lineup is a premium handle in quality and price that includes head types for all applications and end-users: Hard Face (50-55 HRC), Soft Face (30 HRC), Copper, Brass, Machinist’s, Tire Bead Breaker and Club. This lineup is touted as the “World’s Strongest Hammer” with its spring steel bar design and vulcanized rubber handle that absorbs impact and vibration. Visit www.estwing.com



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