2024 KBIS Preview

Qoldfusion walk in pantry

KBIS logo

Event: The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS)

Where: Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada

When: February 27-29, 2024

KBIS is the largest North American trade expo and networking opportunity for kitchen and bath industry professionals. The 2024 show will host more than 500 exhibitors and include programming and awards across a range of categories. The annual event is owned by NKBA and produced by Emerald Expositions. The Show Will Feature an Expanded Footprint, New Exhibitors, and Dynamic Programming for its 60th Anniversary.

KBIS is part of the the Annual Design & Construction Week® (DCW) and is co-located with The International Builder’s Show. Building on over a decade of collaboration, Design & Construction Week (DCW) will feature more than 1,900 combined exhibitors and 1,100,000 total net square feet for 2024. There will be 100,000+ design and construction professionals expected to attend to see the newest products and meet with industry experts.

This preview offers a look at the exhibitors we recommend to add to your show planner.

Qoldfusion Cold Pantry Booth SL6001

Qoldfusion walk in cold pantry

Qoldfusion will be unveiling their groundbreaking creation, the Qoldfusion Cold Pantry, at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) 2024 in Las Vegas. With a vision to reimagine refrigeration for today’s home, the Qoldfusion team has leveraged decades of experience in commercial refrigeration and walk-in refrigerators to develop an entirely new walk-in concept, incorporating unprecedented luxury features for the home. 

Qoldfusion’s Cold Pantry represents a transformative leap forward for the home refrigeration industry. Unlike traditional refrigerators, freezers, and pantries, the Cold Pantry provides a fully integrated, luxurious storage solution designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s homeowners. Engineered with the same care and attention to detail as high-end commercial refrigeration systems, the Cold Pantry ensures all provisions are conveniently accessible and maintained at optimal freshness within an elegant, fully customizable environment.

The Cold Pantry distinguishes itself through an opulent design, featuring eight premium powder-coated interior finishes and vibrant, scratch-resistant LED lighting with customizable RGB colors. Additionally, The Cold Pantry provides a touch pad with an illuminated color touchscreen and a mobile app, allowing effortless system control and seamlessly elevating the sophistication of high-end kitchens.

Emphasizing superior organization and convenience, it boasts fully adjustable food-grade stainless steel shelving with slots for optimal air flow, grab-and-go doors, integrated beverage centers, and an optional walk-in freezer column. Qflow360™ (patent pending) Air Walls generate invisible, rapid, and condensation eliminating technology with even cold air streams for efficient food preservation.

Cutting-edge innovation sets the Cold Pantry apart, featuring optional viewing windows, exterior access doors, and a multi-faucet beverage tower for enhanced accessibility, and functionality. Going beyond a simple upgrade, this appliance redefines homeowner expectations for refrigeration, ensuring convenient storage and rPOD™ remote refrigeration that moves refrigeration noise, hum, vibration & heat outside.

For more information on Qoldfusion and the innovative Cold Pantry, please visit www.qoldfusion.com

FORZA Booth W1409

forza appliances

Forza will feature the world’s first and only 48-inch Professional Gas Range with a single oven cavity. This range includes features like the MaxRotisserie accessory, a 33-inch motor-driven rod that can rotate a whole goat, lamb or small pig for multicultural cuisines, and MassimoBlu™ Hyper Double Broiler—the industry’s only blue-flame double broiler. With 18,000 BTU, it heats the oven cavity evenly, with the ability to go from 0 to 400°F in 8 mins from edge to edge, eliminating cold spots and maximizing the heating area.  

An additional ultra-premium function is the exclusive Infinito™ Grate System—the industry’s only continuous grate system with an integrated bullnose, utilizing edge-to-edge cast iron grates.   

Its bold form and style embodies the soul of radical Italian design with the heart of an American muscle car, featuring unique angular racecar-inspired lines, offered in seven vivid color options. For more info, go to forzacucina.com

Oatey Co. Booth N3227

WallDrain Drain Kit

oatey wall drain kit

WallDrain offers the ultimate in shower luxury and design innovation for residential and hospitality applications. Built into the wall, QuickDrain WallDrain linear shower drain offers a totally concealed and sleek look. The all-in-one WallDrain Kit includes everything you need to place the drain in curbed and curbless showers, while offering flexibility and customization options. Wall-to-wall coverage promotes effective drainage and eliminates the need for a centered drain outlet. A series of magnets allow for simple drain cover removal and reattachment.

For a complete shower system option, order a WallDrain Drain Kit, and choose a compatible WallDrain Installation Kit based on shower layout size. To learn more about WallDrain Kits, visit lrbrands.com

Oatey Freestanding Tub Drain

oatey tub drain

The Oatey Freestanding Tub Drain works with freestanding and island center and offset tubs. When installed at rough-in, it provides simple installation between the P-trap and tub — without needing access from below the floor. Available in ABS, PVC or cast iron with a plastic or stainless steel flange, this drain is compatible with brass or Schedule 40 tailpieces. 1916 Collection is a carefully curated portfolio of thoughtfully designed, exceptionally engineered bath accessories that enhance both the form and function of every bath experience.

To learn more about the Oatey  Freestanding Tub Drain, visit Oatey.com

Dearborn True Blue Bath Waste Kit

trueblue bath waste kit

The True Blue Bath Waste helps installers overcome multiple frustrations when putting in bathtub waste and overflows. The True Blue Bath Waste includes an integrated locking bath shoe gasket that keeps it from moving or falling off at odd or difficult angles while installing the drain spud. Overflow and drain test plugs install with a simple quarter turn, making testing quick and reliable. The True Blue overflow cover locks with a simple clockwise turn, so no additional tools or screws are required for installation. True Blue’s overflow gasket is made with an innovative foamed rubber material, providing better compression and memory than traditional gaskets. True Blue Bath Waste kit allows you to change the trim, i.e., the finish, without removing the spud.. If the homeowner or designer changes their mind on which finish to use, the contractor can quickly change the trim without removing the spud. Available in  Champagne Bronze, Matte Black, Chrome, White, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Brushed Gold finishes. To learn more about the Dearborn® True Blue Bath Wastes, visit Oatey.com.

TOTO Booth N2739

toto washlet

WASHLET S7 and S7A, the latest models in its line of industry defining bidet seats, which adorn more than 60M toilets worldwide. The new S7 and S7A represent the best in TOTO’s bathroom technology with a sleeker design, improved technologies, and added conveniences.

TOTO WASHLET bidet seats provide the ultimate in comfort and cleansing through the use of gentle aerated, warm water delivered in a dual-action spray that oscillates and pulsates to the users’ liking. Before and after use, the WASHLET primes and cleans the toilet bowl and cleansing wand with electrolyzed EWATER+. In addition to the hallmarks of the WASHLET line like adjustable heated seat, spray position, water temperature, and water pressure, air drying, room deodorizing, and self-cleaning features, the WASHLET S7 also has:

  • New Seat Design with increased seating space, seamless construction for easier cleaning, and ergonomic design to support ideal posture for elimination.
  • Upgraded Remote Control with pearlescent case and metallic buttons for easier use.
  • Individual Customizable Settings for up to four people to create their own cleansing and drying experience.
  • Nightlight and auto open/close lid (S7A only)

Moen Booth N2605

moen flo smart

Moen will be featuring the Flo Smart Water Monitor and Shutoff. The device works in the background, 24/7, to intelligently and automatically take action to notify the homeowner and automatically shut off the home’s water to reduce the risk of water damage. With this technology, even small leaks, as small as one drop per minute, can be detected immediately.

moen tenon

Also, featured by Moen will be the new Tenon™ kitchen faucet collection. This new collection is influenced by the Japandi style, combining Scandinavian simplified design with Japanese textures and natural elements to create a soft, modern flair. The collection includes a gentle teak wood handle to further enhance its delight factor and incorporates clean lines and calming details throughout its design, providing a sense of peacefulness that blends harmoniously with any aesthetic. Available as a pulldown faucet, Smart Faucet with Motion Control and a pulldown bar faucet, users can experience the best in style and innovation, depending on how they use their kitchen. For more info, go to moen.com

Designs of Distinction Booth N1863

Tambour Angle Shape

Designs of Distinction recently announced a brand-new product line to be introduced at KBIS. This new product line includes Base Shapes for Use with Tambour Panels. DOD plans to introduce three new shapes – Angled, Cylinder, and Rectangle.

DOD’s new Base Shapes were inspired by key findings from NKBA’s 2024 Kitchen Trends Reports, including: multi-functional islands designed for seating and gathering, incorporation of natural and organic materials, and geometric shapes reminiscent of Art Deco design styles.

Angled and Rectangle base shapes are constructed with solid wood ends and solid maple plywood side panels. Solid maple plywood panels allow for greater structural build, as opposed to MDF. DOD includes a template to cut Tambour, which is then applied to the solid plywood side panels and finished with paint or stain of your choice.

The Cylinder base shape is manufactured from multiple layers of heavyweight paperboard, with a similar density to MDF. Tambour is applied to the exterior of the Cylinder, then painted or stained in a finish of your choice. The Cylinder shape includes end plugs with a hole to allow for additional support and electrical wiring.

Each shape measures 34.5”H and features recessed panels for bevel, bead, cove and square style Tambour up to ½” thick. Shapes and Tambour are shipped unfinished, ready to stain or paint upon delivery. Simply choose a shape and apply your favorite style of Tambour to create stunning and sturdy supports. For more info go to: https://www.brownwoodinc.com/dod/

AIRMADA Drying Solutions Booth SL8099


AIRMADA’s AirJet Shower Drying System uses a series of air-jet nozzles, set flush to the ceiling or walls of your shower space, to rid the area of dampness. Available in eight finishes, AIRMADA’s AirJet Shower Drying System significantly reduces drying time and promotes a healthier bathroom environment by reducing mold and mildew while preserving grout and tile for the long term.  AIRMADA’s patented technology also allows for the revolutionary AirPocket Door, a slide-in door that replaces the traditional swinging shower door, thereby freeing up space in your bathroom.

AIRMADA’s AirPocket door allows you to turn your shower into a combination walk-in shower/steam shower as the door can create a full shower seal. The stainless-steel AIRMADA door pocket incorporates Airmada’s AirJet technology that dries the door in a fraction of the time. For more info, go to: http://www.airmadadry.com

Top Knobs Booth N1817 

Top Knobs

An ode to contemporary elegance, the Garrison Collection serves as a catalyst for curating bespoke interiors, rich with electric energy. Comprised of six suites: Burnham, Dempsey, Garrison, Prestwick, Radcliffe and Wescott, each piece in the new line offers a hint of knurling that envelops cabinetry in raw finishes and urban detailing. Experience the raised ridges and diamond-shaped patterns that sculpt this vanguard collection by visiting Top Knobs at booth #N1817 during KBIS 2024. For more info, go to: https://www.topknobs.com

Infinity Drain Booth N1963

infinity drain

 Premium Tile-In Center Drains with Factory-Applied Schluter®-KERDI Fabric- The premium Tile-In Center Drains with factory-applied Schluter®-KERDI membrane fabric offer double waterproofing capabilities. The advantage of this option is that it is adaptable for traditional methods like vinyl, lead/copper pan or hot mop underneath and the bonded fabric method above. There are two 5”x5” versions available, TDFS 5 and TDFLS 5, available in five standard and five specialty finishes.

ABS Universal Clamping Ring- The durable ABS Universal Clamping Ring, for use with 4”x4” center drains, can be installed with the Schluter®-KERDI bonding flange to keep the shower system waterproof warranty intact. As Infinity Drain expands its 4”x4” decorative Center Drain offering, the new Universal Clamping Ring will allow designers and installers to specify this popular drain size in any environment. For more info, go to: http://www.infinitydrain.com/

Lofra Booth W1451


Lofra has been manufacturing high-quality home appliances since 1956. Located on the hills of Padua, Italy, Lofra has grown to become the market leader of freestanding cookers and built-in appliances. The brand is a global consumer reference point for the kitchen industry and is the pride of the Italian manufacturing industry. Three exquisite collections of Lofra ranges will be initially offered to the U.S. market, each with their own distinct design and aesthetics that will satisfy even the most demanding and sophisticated customer: The Dolcevita Collection, The Maestro Collection, and The Curva Collection. For more info, go to: https://lofra.us/

Neolith Booth 2549

neolith lake sheen project

We recently published an article about the Neolith Lake Sheen Project, an exquisite home built on Millionaires Row on Lake Sheen in Orlando.

Fully believing in the idea that “the best thing about creating something is living it”, Neolith is the global leader in sintered stone. A pioneering architectural surface with superior technical characteristics made of 100% all-natural raw materials, it can provide indoor and outdoor solutions. All around the world, it has become an essential style element for any kitchen, bathroom, facade, floor, and even exclusive designer furnishings.

The virtues of Neolith sintered stone combine next-generation technology with high functionality which, combined with Neolith’s sustainable DNA, have led it to becoming one of the most environmentally friendly materials on the planet as it advocates sustainable beauty in all its collections to inspire new trends in architecture.

The company is currently immersed in an expansion plan aimed at key geographic areas such as North America, Europe, the UK, China, and Australia in order to continue contributing to the creation of unique spaces and extraordinary experiences featuring sustainable functional design in the more than 100 countries where it is present through direct distribution as well as an extensive sales and partner network. For more info, go to neolith.com

Fantini Booth N371

Three collections historically present in the Boffi catalog will now be added to the Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini collection. These products will now be manufactured and distributed by Fantini. 

PIPE and ECLIPSE are made from stainless steel – an ecological, recyclable, high-performing material that stands the test of time due to its high-resistance to external agents.

PIPE designed by Marcel Wanders 

Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini

fantini pipe
This iconic collection brings the industrial pipes and handles into the home and is characterized by the instantly recognizable red handle. The handles are designed to resemble blooming flowers, painted with red epoxy powders, bringing a touch of vitality to functionality.

ECLIPSE designed by Studio Charlie 

Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini

fantini eclipse
ECLIPSE is a collection of brushed stainless steel bathroom fixtures with a shiny, upper rotating element in polished steel. The characteristic opening and water adjustment controls swivel out of the vertical axis of the base.‎

GARDEN designed by Piero Lissoni

Aboutwater by Boffi and Fantini

fantini garden
GARDEN features easy and immediate water closing and opening, mixed with an antique style typical of old outdoor taps.‎ The new treatment with PVD coating technology guarantees the product resistance over the time.‎

New Venezia Handles

Design by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez

fantini venezia

The filigree and two-tone handles, designed by Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez in collaboration with Venini, utilize distinctive techniques of ancient Murano glass making to create these striking pieces. 

The new filigree handles, crafted using a decorative technique of the same name, infuses thin glass rods into the transparent body of the handle. This method creates a delicate lacey effect throughout the design. Available in black and white. 


Designed by Marco Williams Fagioli

fantini ox-y

New to Fantini’s portfolio, O-XY, designed by Marco Williams Fagioli, is a fixture collection inspired by the geometric linearity of Cartesian coordinates, expressed through slim, narrow shapes. The handle of the faucet is a texturized rectangle resting on the faucet body. The interwoven pattern also adds a unique textural element to the design. Available in brass and other PVD finishes.


Designed by Yabu Pushelberg

fantini sailing

Sailing is Fantini’s first collaboration with a North American design team and is being presented as the studio’s inaugural collection for the brand. The inspiration for the collection came from Fantini’s home on Lake Orta in Northern Italy. The New York and Toronto based design firm wanted to capture the essence of the lake’s tranquility in their designs. This collection transports you to a day on Lake Orta through its understated design and ode to nautical forms. For more info, go to fantini.it/en-us

Atlas Homewares Booth N1817

Atlas homewares kayden collection

Atlas Homewares, the vibrant home hardware company, looks forward to displaying the latest collection at KBIS. This year, the Kayden Collection will be taking the spotlight with its array of stylish pulls and knobs that enhance the beauty of cabinetry.

“We can’t wait to bring the fun and stylish spirit of the Atlas brand to KBIS 2024,” says Christine Zimmer, Product Manager of Atlas Homewares. “It will be refreshing to engage with designers and dealers from all walks of life and showcase our newest collection.”

Experience the sleek, clean lines of the Kayden Collection featuring a straight pull with subtle detailing. This modernistic collection is available in five standard pull sizes, two styles of matching knobs (one round knob and one T-knob) and a palette of five trending finishes.

EMPAVA Booth W1235 

Empava tub

The entire Empava booth will be only new products! Including the 59JT408LED Black Whirlpool Hydromassage Bathtub with Glass Panel.

Designed to make a statement in any bathroom décor, the tub offers versatile color options, including black, grey and white, along with customizable hardware finishes that include gold, black or stainless steel for endless style combinations. The powerful 11 water jets are strategically placed alongside the contoured back design and head rest to soothe key muscles and reduce body tension through a full body, deep tissue massage. The bathtub features a contemporary acrylic and fiberglass design, complemented by an innovative tempered glass panel strategically positioned on the front for enhanced visual appeal. For more info go to, empava.com


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