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Pro Tips for Exterior House Painting

Construction How-To, Home Improvement Products, Painting April 5, 2016 Sonia


Once the job is over, clean and flush the sprayer using the appropriate solvent. This is an absolutely critical step and ensures the equipment will be properly stored without contaminants that gunk up the system.

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New Paint Products

Blue Bear Strippers

When it is time to paint your house, prepping the surface goes a long way to make the project easier and the finished surface look the best it can. If the old painted surface is showing signs of peeling, removal prior to repainting would be the best option. Blue Bear Paint & Urethane stripper makes removal of old coatings easy without having to spend a lot of energy with a scraper or sander. Simply apply the gelled stripper to the surface and let it loosen and release the old coatings for you. The Paint & Urethane stripper will remove multiple layers of coatings with just one application.

BBR Paint & Urethane Stripper 1 Gallon

If the old surface is still in good shape and you are just covering it over, Blue Bear Cleaner & Degreaser may be all you need. Wash the surface with this cleaner to get to the best possible surface adhesion for your new coating.

Depending upon the age of the house and the paint, you may be faced with the challenge of lead paint, which requires special consideration when removing. Franmar’s Blue Bear Lead Based Paint Stripper works to neutralize the lead in the paint so that it is safe for you and for disposal. With this stripper you don’t have to worry about lead dust or safety concerns from lead. Visit


HANDy Pro Pail

The new HANDy Pro Pail is designed to accommodate up to a 6-1/2-in. mini-roller or 3-in. paintbrush and will hold more than a quart of paint or stain, making it a must-have product for painting contractors. To deter hand fatigue for painters tackling tough projects, the new Pro Pail includes an adjustable strap, as well as a handle rest for a mini-roller or paintbrush. The Pro Pail also has a custom-fit liner available for purchase. Manufactured in the USA from 100-percent recycled materials, HANDy Pro Pail Liners are solvent-resistant to allow painting contractors to work with any paint or stain.

The liners make color changes a breeze while eliminating unnecessary cleanup time. Visit


Shur-line Paint + Primer Applicators

Shur-line offers the first-ever applicators designed for Paint + Primer projects. Now accounting for approximately 60 percent of the paint sold today, Paint + Primer is designed to seal the surface and add tint or hue simultaneously—often in a single coating. As a result, the liquid is thicker than most individual paints. Shur-line’s new brushes are the first to be specifically engineered to support heavier Paint + Primer liquids. For do-it-yourselfers who want to transform a room in a single afternoon, instead of a matter of days, the Paint + Primer option saves time and money. Bonus features like proprietary Hydroglide Technology help weekend warriors complete paint projects up to 30 percent faster with exceptional paint release to the surface and super-fast clean-up times. Visit