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Garage and Workshop Equipment

Basement, Garages, Organize September 7, 2010 Matt Weber


By Matt Weber



Equipping your Garage or Workshop with New Tools and Supplies.



It’s a tool crib, it’s a laboratory, it’s a quiet escape from the visiting in-laws—it’s your garage or workshop, the last place in the house that many of us can consider “our very own.” Whether you’re a hobby woodworker, an avid gardener or the family handyman, a homeowner’s garage/workshop is the headquarters of it all. In this issue of EHT we highlight some nifty new gadgets and handy home products to help equip your Central Command Post with the supplies you need.

Vacmaster VBV1210

One of the staple tools of most garages and workshops is a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. Powered blowers are nice, too, which makes the new VBV1210 Vacmaster twice as useful as a standard unit. This sleek two-in-one shop vacuum offers an ample 5-horsepower motor that not only sucks up the messiest messes but also converts to a 210-mph leaf blower. The blower detaches from the top of the 12-gallon tank with a simple push of a button, and can be fitted with any of the 11 hose accessories that conveniently store on mounts located above the wheeled feet. The VBV1210 is a lightweight and easily portable unit with a 12-foot power cord and an extra large drain to easily dispose of debris-ridden spills. The new Vacmaster has plenty of muscle in the vacuuming category along with a durable 2-1/4-inch hose, which is nice for cleaning wood chips and other large debris that tend to clog smaller diameter vac hoses. Visit

Bug Barrier

Another staple of workshops, sheds and many garages is, unfortunately, insect intrusion. These pesky critters—roaches, ants, spiders, etc.—don’t seem to know when they’re not wanted. Now, you can send the message loud and clear and easier than ever with the Raid Max Bug Barrier. The spray nozzle features a battery-powered automatic trigger that helps you lay down a consistent chemical barrier of bug protection inside and outside the building and at key insect entry points. The system works by deterring bugs from entering the building and killing the bugs that cross the barrier. The powerful insecticide keeps killing German cockroaches for up to 12 months after you spray it, and the automatic nozzle is reusable for repeat applications. The Bug Barrier also works for flies, spiders, centipedes, crickets, scorpions and more. Visit

Gorillatorch Flare

With its three bendable legs and a pivoting “head,” the Gorillatorch Flare looks like some sort of alien droid creature from a sci-fi movie, but it’s actually one of the most versatile work lights you’re likely to come across. For targeted illumination it combines 100 lumens of CREE LED light while also offering emergency features, including three red LEDs and a strobe option for signaling. As a work light, this thing has a lot of power, and our staff can attest from experience that if you look directly into this light while at its highest setting, you will go momentarily blind. It’ll certainly brighten up a work area. Its flexible and adjustable legs can wrap around objects to hold a stationary position while you target the spotlight. Its small size means it can fit into cramped work sites. And, if you’re working near metal, its feet contain powerful magnets for simple, secure, out-of-the-way mounting to shelves or steel studs. This hands-free flashlight attaches to just about anything, offering a total of six light modes that free your hands for easier working conditions. Visit

Oil Grabber

In a garage/workshop environment, spills and leaks are bound to happen, and oil in particular can create ugly stains. It makes sense to have a backup plan, like Oil Grabber from Krud Kutter Inc. The product absorbs and lifts oil stains embedded in concrete and asphalt without scrubbing. Shake vigorously before applying, pour it over the stain and spread it with a V-notched trowel or a plastic-bristled brush. As the Oil Grabber dries from liquid to powder it absorbs and lifts the embedded oils. Allow it to dry for 5 to 8 hours, then brush away the powder and rinse with a hose. One quart bottle offers about 6 square feet of coverage. Oil Grabber also removes stains from anti-freeze, brake fluid, cooking oils, diesel fluid, grease, hydraulic fluid, power steering fluid, tar, transmission fluid, tree sap and wax. Learn more at

G-Floor RaceDay Peel-and-Stick Tiles

There’s nothing beautiful about a dull concrete slab. Concrete also collects stains like a white shirt in a rib joint. To protect your garage or shop floor in style, G-Floor RaceDay Peel-and-Stick Floor Tiles provide a cool, professional look and handle harsh work environments like water, oil, gas and gravel. RaceDay Tiles are made from 100-percent solid virgin vinyl for a tough, glossy finished surface that withstands the most demanding conditions from tires, heavy jacks and casters that are constantly being rolled across the flooring. RaceDay Floor Tiles are backed by a five-year warranty and utilize a special adhesive that is as tough as the tiles it binds. Additionally, custom logo printing is optional, as we had done with a certain magazine logo (see photo). Learn more at the Better Life Technology website,