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Deck Product Roundup

Construction How-To, Decks, Decks, Outdoor Living February 11, 2016 Sonia


Grabber Joist Jaw

The Grabber Joist Jaw is a handy accessory for professional wood framers that works like a second pair of hands. The Joist Jaw holds up rafters and joists, eliminating the need for two people. It automatically levels the cross-member with the rim joist or ledger, giving the framer a “hands free” position while installing the joist hanger or other connectors. With just a couple of twists, the Joist Jaw clamps down on its target from the top or the bottom and holds the lumber tight. The Joist Jaw is reusable and made of durable zinc-plated steel. This tool saves time and increases accuracy whether you’re building a deck, a roof or a floor. Visit

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Manufactured in the Midwest of all American-made structural-grade aluminum—the same as an aircraft—Last-Deck and Rail products require no staining or sealing, just mild soap and water for cleaning. The product does not split, crack, rot or mold. It’s lightweight, fire-resistant and available in a multitude of options, allowing you to design your own luxury outdoor space. Last Deck and Rail customers have the freedom to mix and match railing, picket and deck board finishes in nine standard soft-touch colors and seven sublimated “woodgrain” finishes. If your deck is low to the ground with no need for a “dry space” below, choose the Last-Deck 100 Series. If you need a “dry space” for storage or a patio beneath the deck, choose the “watertight” 200 Series. With the “watertight” 300 Series get advantages of both; individual planks can be replaced or changed without taking apart all the planks that come before it. Visit

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Everflashing Deck Ledger Flashing

Failure of the house-to-ledger connections accounts for 90 percent of all deck collapses, mostly due to the lack of proper flashing. The joint between the deck and house should always be protected from water intrusion, which can lead to further issues such as dry rot, connector corrosion, mold and ultimately deck ledger failure. In response, Everflashing was developed as the “last deck flashing you will ever need” to greatly reduce the possibility of water intrusion. What sets Everflashing apart from other deck-ledger flashing is the extra fin that covers the tops of the floorboards. This feature provides added protection against water-borne debris and allows the floorboards—especially those made of composites—to expand and contract without unsightly gaps. Everflashing is available in G185 galvanized for use with treated lumber, color-matched aluminum for MicroPro or L3 Lumber, or stainless steel for salt-water applications. Visit or

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Deckorators Vault Decking

The new Deckorators Vault composite decking is marketed as having the industry’s best strength-to-weight ratio. The decking material is lightweight, easy to work with, yet virtually unbreakable. The patented Eovations manufacturing technology creates a powerful, lightweight fibrous composite that performs, feels and looks like wood—without any wood content. The result is composite decking with superior strength, stability and workability at a weight comparable to PVC decking. The decking is highly impact-resistant, yet it cuts, drills, shapes and fastens as easily as wood. Because it contains no organic material, Vault decking offers virtually zero moisture absorption and low thermal expansion for superior weather resistance. Measuring 7/8-in. thick by 5-1/2-in. wide, Deckorators Vault boards are available in dusk and mesquite color options, with slotted or solid-edge profiles and is backed by Deckorators’ 25-year structural, 25-year stain-and-fade and 25-year removal-and-replacement warranty. Visit