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Build a Circular Raised Garden Bed

Construction How-To, Landscaping, Landscaping, Outdoor Living April 14, 2017 Sonia

Build the inner circle in two sections. Leave one post out for the hose chase.

Inner Circle. I built the inner circle outside the larger circle so I had enough room to move around. I built it in two halves, using wedges and structural screws to cobble it together. I then lifted each half into the larger henge and connected everything.

Make a U-shaped channel for the hose to run through.

Chase. I designed Planthenge with a vertical sprinkler in the center. In order to get the hose through the outer circle into the inner circle, I built a chase from pressure-treated 2×6. Here, I fastened the top onto the sides. In hindsight, I should have fastened the sides to the top to make it a little wider.

Cut the chase to length. Be careful of fasteners.

Then I ran my hose chase from the outer circle (where I left a single pole loose) to the inner circle. Once I knew the length of my chase, I cut it to fit. I installed those final poles on top of the chase.

Fasten the last pole on top of the hose chase. Toe-screws into the chase locks it together nicely.

Upon seeing everything in place, I though it would work better to prop the Gilmour vertical sprinkler up a foot, so I extended the chase with a vertical section. Easy. And I’m glad I did, because the sprinkler can spray further, and it’s easier to take in and out.

Vertical chase inside the inner circle.

Plants. For cold weather color it’s hard to beat ornamental kale and cabbage, and the near miraculous pansy that manages to flower even in the snow. But for warm weather color, know your critters and what they like to eat.

Plant the right plants for your climate, season and critters. Check with your garden center for solid know-how and grow-how.

As for layout, it’s not like TV. Plants like to grow, so give them good spacing and let nature do the rest.

Side Note

Outdoor Living Trends for 2017

As you begin to spend more time outdoors, the overall outdoor living trends continue to revolve around creating homey, attractive, livable outdoor spaces that are an extension of the indoor environment. Landscape pavers and segmental retaining-wall blocks offer a DIY-friendly building material. And unlike wood, masonry materials are fireproof, which comes in handy for applications such as fire pits.

Outdoor living space in Leawood, Kansas includes an firepit and patio. used Mega Lafitt. The project utilized the following Belgard products manufactured by Miller/Rhino of Kansas.
Mega Lafitt – Dansville Beige

  • Create a multi-level back yard. Dimensional, multi-level design is the leading trend of the season in modern poolscapes. To create the effect, companies such as Belgard offer a versatile selection of retaining-wall blocks.
  • Outdoor grilling is a favorite summertime activity, and you can construct a simple stone-built barbecue pit or install exterior-grade appliances to create a full-fledged outdoor kitchen.
  • Proper lighting is a key component to the design and overall mood of an outdoor living area. For the perfect ambiance, consider incorporating low-voltage landscape lighting, illuminated planters, pendant lights or hardscape lighting.
  • Heat will be trending this season, especially for those chilly nights when the neighbors are visiting. Fire pits provide a popular feature of the outdoor entertainment area. Plus, the smoke of a wood fire keeps mosquitoes at bay!