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  • How a Split-jamb Door Works

    Windows & Doors March 17, 2010 admin

    Q: How does a split-jamb door work?   A: Prehung split-jamb doors are designed for situations where an interior wall’s rough frame is thicker than a standard opening, and a standard size prehung jamb won’t fit. Split-jamb doors have a two-piece jamb that is separated lengthwise and sandwiches the wall between the two pieces. When installing, set the unhinged side in the […]

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  • Improved Products Make Your Home Built to Last

    Energy Efficiency, Safety, Windows & Doors February 23, 2010 Sonia

                    Move over Superman. The Man of Steel takes second place to the strength associated with many building products manufactured for today’s homes. In the “perfect storm” of technology, some of today’s windows, millwork and roofs are being built to withstand everything from hurricanes to wildfires. During her research of product selection for […]

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