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Tjernlund Burning Barrels

August 1, 2017 Sonia

Portable Burning Barrels Safely and thoroughly incinerate yard and non-hazardous household waste & documents

Homeowners can safely and thoroughly incinerate their yard and non-hazardous household waste, as well as outdated financial documents thanks to new portable Burn Barrels available from Tjernlund Products. Tjernlund Burning Barrels are constructed of heavy-duty gauge stainless steel for long-lasting service under extreme heat conditions. Side and top vent promote fast, thorough incineration and lid effectively confines flying embers. Two Barrel sizes are available: The extra-large Barrel measures 21 inches wide by 35 inches tall (9 cubic feet). The large unit is 14 inches wide and 24 inches tall (2.75 cubic feet).

Get additional information at  or also available on Amazon (Search “Professional Grade Products burn Barrel”).