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DIY Updates October 16, 2009 Chad

Constructive Solutions can be heard on Monday nights from 6-7 p.m. EST on the internet at The Big Talker FM. Mark Marcley, a contractor from Wilmington, North Carolina, hosts the show and Hal Jones, of Extreme How-To is a featured guest during the broadcast. The show takes questions from callers regarding home improvement and issues related to home ownership.


Marcley, originally from Long Island, New York, moved to Wilmington years ago and has been in home improvement his entire life. Growing up the son of a contractor in his native Long Island home, Marcley was taught the trade by his father. Even after his father lost his sight, he continued working and building using his abilities to overcome his disability.


Like Marcley, Jones was taught how to build and fix things from his father. Jones’ father was critically injured in an automobile accident when Hal was only four years old. The senior Jones had one of the first artificial hip joints and always struggled with the pain and discomfort from the injury, but never let it slow him down. Jones’ father was a naval engineer by degree, utility executive by trade and avid DIY-er in his spare time. Due to his injury, Jones’ dad relied on him to be there whenever he was working on a project. “Dad would spend a nickel and eight hours to save a penny to keep from paying someone else to do something he could do,” says Jones. So at the feet of their fathers, both Marcley and Jones learned lessons about home improvement, car repair and appliance repair.


On church mission trips as a youth at Vestavia Methodist in Birmingham, Alabama, Jones was able to put what he had learned from his father to use. “Knowing how to use tools, I was able to build new outhouses on those work trips. It may not sound like a good job, but compared to fixing exisiting outhouses on a hot day in the summertime, I never complained,” states Jones. Marcley has also spent time building on mission trips and states, “I always wished my dad could have been with me on those trips.” To this, Jones replied, I was thankful to be able to get away from dad and finally being the one to know more than others.”

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