Fontanot Arke Stairs

Stake Rake

7206 Kitchen Drive
King George, VA 22485 USA


Stake Rake adds value to the common rake by implementing our innovative technology into the handle of the rake.  Our name explains our product.  With a twist of the wrist, Stake Rake deploys a stake that allows the rake to be staked into the ground.  This means no more bending over to pick up your rake.  No more leaning the rake against your house or shrubs as you pick up leaves.  And no more tripping over your rake because it is lying on the ground.  A Stake Rake can stand by itself.

Key Attributes:

  • No Bending Down! Decreases Back Strain!
  • Stands Up by Staking into the Ground
  • Makes Raking Easier and More Efficient
  • Prevents Tripping Accidents
  • Quality Rake that is Built to Last
  • Comfortable Grip that is Easy to Use

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