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I-lighting, LLC

500 Principio Parkway W.
Unit 300
North East, MD 21901, 
(410) 287-3232

Since its inception in 2004, i-Lighting has focused on maximizing the longevity and performance of LED lighting.  Our unique Easy PlugTM installation system features fixtures with easy plug Y-connectors, a unique regulated DC power supply and connection cables that simply plug together to easily space lights at their desired distances.  There is no crimping, cutting or wire nutting required, eliminating water intrusion and potential points of failure. The system installs in half the time of standard outdoor lighting that utilize traditional wiring methods. i-Lighting has developed a complete line of easy plug deck, under the rail and stair lighting kits in addition to our easy plug path, up and masonry lighting. i-Lighting is excited to announce its new LED easy plug under cabinet lighting, which is rated and ready for outdoor applications as well.  i-Lighting is truly LED lighting simplified.

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