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Since 2000, the Ipe Clip® Fastener Company (DBA DeckWise®) has manufactured high quality Made in the USA hidden deck fasteners for exotic hardwoods and composite deck building. With a proven track record of extraordinary customer satisfaction, our deck building products are comprised of high-grade long-lasting materials. Every product is expertly engineered to withstand corrosive weather elements from the desert; to the tropics; to the cold.

Ipe Clip® hidden deck fasteners eliminate many common decking problems such as cupping and warping. This is due to only 1 side of the deck board being pinned down to the framing. This allows decking material to move naturally all the while keeping consistent board gaps.

By offering a wide variety of decking products, DeckWise® covers the industry as a leading go-to supplier. Products such as the Hardwood Wrench™, Ipe Oil®, WiseCoat®, Ipe Seal®, deck screws, hardwood deck tiles, and pedestals plus essential decking tools and accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Every year that goes by has brought extensive LBM product growth. With each innovative product that is brought to the market, DeckWise® continues to expand our U.S. and European network of dealers and distributors. Our #1 goal is to provide DIY homeowners, architects and Pro contractors with the best deck fasteners, wood finishes, hand tools and accessories on the market.