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CTS Cement Mfg. Corp. | Rapid Set® Products

Remodel and improve your home without the added cost of labor.  Whether you are repairing cracked concrete, pouring a concrete floor or casting stepping stones, Rapid Set® cement products are your DIY professional concrete solution.  Repair and build with confidence, and achieve professional and lasting results on all of your concrete projects.


When you use Rapid Set, you will

  • Save time by building and returning the concrete to full use in one hour.  You will get to other concrete repair, remodel and home improvement projects sooner or enjoy more free time.
  • Simplify your projects.  Unlike portland cement products that tend to require using multiple components (e.g. bonding agents, fortifiers, aggregates), just add water to Rapid Set cement products.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that you are getting high quality products.  Get results that are durable, long lasting, visually pleasing and permanent.  With Rapid Set, projects become permanent repairs, not temporary patches.
  • Be good to our environment.  Rapid Set’s carbon footprint is 65% less than the carbon footprint of portland cement.  Since the lifecycle of Rapid Set cement concrete is at least 2 times more than portland cement concrete (80 years vs. 40 years), portland cement concrete would have to be pulled out and replaced at least 2 times during an 80-year period.
  • Achieve professional results.  The same Rapid Set products you get are used on high profile jobs like the Hoover Dam Bypass, the Pentagon, Lincoln Tunnel, Brooklyn Bridge, major roadways, airports and sports stadiums.