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  • Tool School: Circular Saws

    Power Tools, Saws June 3, 2003 Sonia

    The Skil Corporation invented portable circular saws just after World War II and, in fact, “Skilsaw” became synonymous with the tools. The new saws allowed carpenters to cut through a framing 2-by-4 much faster than with a handsaw and thus helped fuel the booming home-construction business of the time. Portable circular saws have come a long way from their beginning, […]

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  • Tool School: Radial Arm Saws

    Cutting Tools, Power Tools, Saws May 31, 2003 Sonia

    If, for some unknown reason, you had to pick only one stationary power tool for your workshop, a radial arm saw would be the wise choice. No other stationary power tool can perform as many chores. Woodworking consists of six basic cuts; crosscutting, bevel crosscutting, ripping, bevel ripping, mitering and bevel mitering. The radial arm saw will make all of […]

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