Greenworks 60v Product Lineup

Cutting Tools

  • Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

    Cutting Tools, Saws, Tools April 1, 2013 Sonia

    FAST. EASY. ACCURATE. Timberline Sharpener is the portable precise tool that works on any chainsaw.  The key to the tool is a solid platform that won’t bend, flex, or otherwise move during sharpening. This acts as a fixed guide to sharpen each cutting tooth to the same length, height, and angle. Professional loggers and arborists as well as occasional chainsaw […]

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  • Latest in Sharpening Tools

    Cutting Tools, Drills, Saws, Tool Reviews, Tools March 15, 2013 Sonia

    By Matt Weber           A cutting tool is only as good as its blade, which is why professionals and savvy DIY’ers recognize the importance of regular sharpening. The act of shaping wood or stone into a cutting tool is as old as mankind, but today’s sharpening systems make the job easier and more efficient than ever […]

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