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    • Tips for Building a Retaining Wall

      Construction How-To, Landscaping, Patios, walls February 2, 2009 admin

        Yards are like people, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some folks are fit, others are flabby. Some yards are flat, others are hilly or sloped. And, like people, some yards could use a little work. When necessary to create a level surface on a slope, building a retaining wall has been the answer for thousands of years. […]

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    • Install a Patio Door

      Decks, Patios, Windows & Doors October 8, 2008 Matt Weber

      My old college roommate is the type of guy who gets all the luck. I mean, if he slipped and fell, he’d probably land in a big pile of money. He was given a limited-edition Corvette as a graduation present, landed a well-paying job straight out of college and was settled into a nice, suburban home while most of his […]

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