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    • Upgrading the Engine’s Air-Intake System

      Automotive August 15, 2012 Sonia

      By Tim Walton           It’s easy to feel torn when trying to decide what kind of mods you’d like to do on your truck. On the one hand, you’ve heard of big power gains with add-on parts, but these days fuel prices are taking a bite out of the budget. Smoking the tires means burning more […]

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    • Replace a Broken Lug Nut Stud

      Automotive July 5, 2012 Sonia

      By Matt Weber   A car or truck’s lug nuts and studs are the crucial components that hold the wheels onto the vehicle. If they fail while driving, then one would expect bad things to happen, ranging from sudden immobilization to a complete loss of control that results in a raging inferno of twisted metal. Although it’s highly unlikely that […]

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