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Protecting Outdoor Wood

By Matt Weber We’re all aware of the wonders of wood as a building material, but to preserve its natural good looks when used outdoors, it’s necessary to apply a stain/sealer to protect it from Mother Nature. From mold and ultraviolet rays to insect infestation and rot, the threats to wood are plentiful. Choosing the right sealant, prepping the wood […]

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September Hot Products

Pac Trim Wall Treatments The clean lines, the versatility, the hand-crafted feel and the flexibility… Shiplap wall treatments add dimension and character to many different design styles. The horizontal, vertical or angled application of shiplap to a wall, or entire room, can create a unique focal point. The Pac Trim product line includes more than 500 moulding profiles of base, […]

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Is Your Swimming Pool Leaking? Here’s how to find out.

By Peter Jones Having a swimming pool is exciting; it’s the dream of many homeowners. However, it also comes with commitment and responsibilities. You’ll need to ensure that the pool is kept clean, that the pH is balanced and more importantly, that your pool isn’t leaking. Pools naturally lose water due to 3 things: 1.Evaporation 2.Backwash wastewater 3.Splash out Repairing […]

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Rok-It Chair from Kijaro

It’s been a long, hot summer, and I’ve been working on a lot of projects outdoors. I needed a handy chair for taking breaks and tried out the new Rok-It chair from Kijaro. This is a compact, lightweight chair that is easy to fold up for transport and storage. The downfall to many similar “umbrella-style” chairs is that comfort is […]

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Roamwild Multi Pull Saw Pro

The Roamwild Multi Pull Saw Pro incorporates new and unique features and leaves a fine finish to wood and plastic. The saw is engineered for great balance, so it’s as comfortable to use when cutting a large piece of sheet material or trimming the thinnest slither from the finest piece of hardwood. The saw will give a smooth sanded finish […]

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Sharp Matters

Why sharp matters, and how to sharpen. By Rob Foster A woodsman was asked, “What would you do if you had five minutes to chop down a tree?” His response, “I’d spend the first three minutes sharpening my axe.” The time invested in sharpening the tool means less time and effort to achieve the goal. Having equipment that is properly […]

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