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Natural Restoration of Your Lawn and Garden

As temperatures continue to drop it’s time to start giving soil some tender, loving, care. During the fall and winter seasons, soil is naturally composed of straw, grass, clippings and leaves which help to naturally fertilize terrain, but it may not be enough to replenish soil back to its ultimate health. Fortunately, Bio S.I, Lawn and Garden Formula may be the key to naturally renew, rebuild, and restore your lawn and garden to its ultimate health.

Improving the longevity of a garden is not an easy task, but with Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden Formula, establishing a healthier yard is much easier. Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden Formula is an eco-friendly fertilization enhancement using soils natural components of bacteria and fungi to enhance the soils beneficial productivity. Bio S.I. also contains natural microbes and enzymes which are vital to growing a thriving lawn or garden capable of yielding healthy, vibrant plant life.

“With Bio S.I. I do not need the expensive fungicides, fertilizers and pesticides I formerly purchased,” says loyal customer Bill Jean Yewens. “I no longer use any of the products I routinely spent several hundred dollars a year on, and I have a flower garden that is more beautiful than any I have grown in the past.”

Wayne Tucker, founder and president of Bio S.I. Technology, understands that the best way to enhance your lawn and garden is to start from the ground up. With Mr. Tucker’s 19 years of experience in developing inoculant products, he is confident that by adding Bio S.I. Technology to fertilization programs, the following benefits for soil will take place over time:

  • Flourishing lawn, flower bed, and garden
  • Soil will be beneficial and have better tilth
  • Enhanced water penetration
  • Elimination of fertilizer and chemicals
  • Plants will develop healthier roots
  • Decreased disease or insect damage
  • Microbes will start to decompose chemical residues built up in the soil

Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden Formula may be the key to your gardens spring healthiness. With multiple beneficial components Bio S.I. Lawn and Garden Formula absorbs the nutrients needed to sustain a healthy spring garden.

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