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Tools and Tips for Springtime Yard Care

Landscaping, Lawn and Garden, Outdoor Living March 15, 2017 Sonia

Husqvarna Automower

With Husqvarna’s robotic lawn mower, the grass gets mowed automatically, around the clock, and without your supervision. The grass cuttings are small enough that you won’t need to rake the clippings, adding fertilization back to the soil. The Husqvarna Automower is able to maintain 1/2 acre lawns in any weather, with rough terrain and slopes up to 35 percent. When the mower meets an obstacle it stops and redirects itself. It also knows when it needs to be charged. With the convenient setting control panel, your robot mower allows you to set it and forget it. You can place the charging station practically anywhere on the lawn. When power is needed, the mower finds its way back to the charging station. The robotic mower is also equipped with an attentive anti-theft system and built-in safety measures. The blade system provides for efficient operation and extremely low energy consumption, allowing the robotic mower to operate at a fraction of the cost of traditional lawnmowers. Three models are currently available. Visit

Worx TurbineFusion

The Worx TurbineFusion Blower/Mulcher/Bagger has a two-stage metal impeller system that breaks leaves and yard debris into fine mulch. Its 24-to-1 mulch ratio means if your neighbor was packing leaves by hand, he/she would fill 24 bags to just one with TurbineFusion. With powerful turbine jet engine technology and a patented all-in-one tube system, it blows, vacuums and mulches leaves and debris quickly and easily. Quickly convert this lightweight leaf blower to a yard vacuum by attaching the included leaf collection bag. With air speeds up to 60 mph and an air volume up to 525 cfm, the TurbineFusion is the quickest way to clear your lawn from leaves and debris. Visit

Stihl HT 56 C-E Pole Pruner

Don’t let overgrown branches loom over your property. Prune them with the redesigned Stihl HT 56 C-E pole pruner. It features a lightweight gearbox that enhances maneuverability and user comfort. It also features an inside (left-hand) guide bar and saw chain mounting system, providing a better view of cutting. Starting is nearly effortless thanks to Stihl Easy2Start technology—just give it a light pull and hear the engine come to life. The pruner also includes a unique, two-piece shaft design for easy storage and transport. Visit

WORX Hydroshot Powered Water Nozzle

When it comes to washing the car, truck or SUV; hosing down the deck or patio; watering flowers and shrubs; or rinsing dusty patio furniture, the new WORX Hydroshot Powered Water Nozzle is up to the task and more. Powered by a 20V MaxLithium 2.0 Ah battery, this compact, lightweight (3.7 lbs.), cordless, powered water nozzle connects with a standard .625-in. fitting garden hose or can draw water from remote sources such as a bucket, pool or lake. Pick up your favorite garden hose and nozzle combination and multiply the water’s force four times. The pump-driven, dual-system control nozzle features two operating settings: watering and power cleaning. It delivers water pressure ratings of 58 to 94 psi (watering) and 200 to 320 psi for power cleaning. Hydoshot’s built-in pump is designed to help save water by only pumping out roughly 1/2 gallon-per-minute. Rotate the multi-head nozzle to adjust spray patterns from 0º, 15º, 25º 40º or shower. Choose gentle shower; then rotate the head for targeted high-powered rinsing. Select the wider spray pattern to remove dirt or pollen from windows or rinse a boat’s hull between normal wash cycles. Hydroshot also features a universal quick-connect end to accept other aftermarket pressure washer accessories. Visit