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Tips for Top Notch Tile

Construction How-To, Flooring Installation, Floors, Tile November 11, 2016 Sonia

By using premixed grout you spend more time grouting and less time mixing.

By using premixed grout you spend more time grouting and less time mixing.


The final step in any tile job is grout. Custom Building Product’s pre-mixed, super-stain resistant grout rocked! No-mix means I spend time grouting, not mixing grout. It went down lickety-split. I applied it in small areas at a time because it dries quicker than mix-type grouts I’ve used. The client loved it!

Here's the finished installation.

Here’s the finished installation.

One important key to grout application is to change the water often. Clean water cleans grout better, and a damp—not soaking—cloths work the best.

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Tile Substrates from Schluter Systems


Kerdi-Board from Schluter Systems provides an easy way to create flat, level, plumb and square substrates for tile installation. In addition to being much lighter and easier to cut than cement backerboard (requiring only a utility knife), Kerdi-Board is inherently waterproof and vapor-retardant, and has workability similar to rigid foam-board insulation. It’s an excellent DIY-friendly product that is exceptionally suited for areas with high moisture exposure, such as bathrooms, which can require a great deal of preparation and waterproofing. Visit

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Trends in Tile

As you’ve seen with the the woodgrain-style tile shown in this article, tile design goes far beyond the limited colors and natural stone selections available at you nearest big box store. Check out tile specialty stores as well as online suppliers to explore the vast array of options which can greatly impact your interior décor.


Rustico offers Mexican-style tile that is shipped worldwide. Rustico’s Saltillo tile is a form of terracotta floor tile handcrafted from durable clay that only exists in the Mexican city of Saltillo, Coahuila. Saltillo tile is an attractive option for extremely durable flooring that comes in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors. Rustico also offers a durable cement tile as a throwback to centuries-old encaustic tile in numerous designs and patterns, from geometric shapes to classic Moroccan style tiles. Visit


Looking for a more contemporary style? From a simple floral corner to complex intertwining patterns, the wide range of floor and wall tiles in the Odyssey Grande collection from UK-based Original Style was inspired by various items and places around the world. Odyssey Grande combines contemporary and classic designs to create striking patterns suitable for use in both modern and traditional settings. Visit

Would you like pavers or stone tile for you home but can’t afford them?

Olde World Stone and Tile Molds

Olde World Stone and Tile Molds, Inc. helps inexperienced people save money by casting their own concrete stone products. Do-it-yourselfers learn to make stone veneer, tile, bricks, pavers and other concrete building products like cobblestones and steppingstones using molds and concrete. Free instructions on how to make, finish and install the products made with these inexpensive molds are available with each mold purchase, and on the company’s Training website. No special equipment, knowledge or location is needed. You’ll learn to use concrete stone molds, concrete stains, colorants, sealers, additives and other supplies used by professionals to make custom man-made stone, pavers, brick veneer and tile. You’ll find hundreds of different styles and sizes of molds available at

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Patterns Make an Impact


Consider the many options when selecting a tile pattern, which is one of the best ways to add your personal style. Pattern options are almost endless and each can dramatically change the look of a room. Use a single size for simplicity, or mix and match sizes to increase your layout options. Shown here are some of the most popular patterns.