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The Yukon Multi-Fuel Furnace

Energy Efficiency July 16, 2013 Sonia

Saving money on your heating bills begins with the proper alternative energy source. No doubt you are looking for the best, most economical alternative to today’s high heating bills. The Yukon Multi-Fuel furnace just may be your answer to these sky-high oil or gas bills, and energy independence from the heating utility.

The Yukon Models Husky and Polar enable you to have warm air heat for your home with either wood or coal, whichever solid fuel you can obtain at little or reduced cost, while having the assurance of back-up, conventional oil or gas warm air furnace heating. (The Yukon Electric offers the same flexibility but with back-up electric warm air furnace heating.) These dual fuel systems mean that you can be away from your home for a week-end, or weeks at a time, and know that your home will be maintained at a safe, free from freeze-ups, back-up temperature setting. No damaged water system, plants or other cold house damage.

And how can all this be possible? It really is quite simple… the clever Yukon Engineers have employed two sets of twins. Twin fireboxes or heating chambers at the Yukon Multi-Fuel furnace in your basement and the twin Honeywell digital thermostats on the wall in your living area. One thermostat controls the high-efficiency gas or oil burner on your Yukon furnace. It has a night setback feature that allows you to choose the temperature you desire at different times of the day or night… all automatically. It also controls your summer air conditioner if you have one. The other digital thermostat controls the high-efficiency wood or coal fire chamber.

When you are home to stoke the wood or coal every 6 to 12 hours (depends on theoutside temperature and the type of wood or coal you have), use the wood/coal firebox and thermostat to have safe, comfortable… and best of all… low cost home heating. The fact that these twin fire chambers are connected and right next to each other (Siamese twin fashion) gives you the convenience of automatic ignition of the wood fire.

If you are going to be away from your home for any length of time, and in the spring or fall when heating requirements are minimal, let the wood or coal fire burn itself out. Have the oil or gas thermostat set to kick on the oil or gas burner twin of the furnace at the temperature you desire.

Very importantly, you can enjoy this economy and comfort with a furnace that is safe and long lasting… easily up to its 30-year limited warranty and beyond.



All Yukon Dual-Fuel furnaces are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listed (approved) including approved for a single, properly sized and constructed chimney flue. Most homeowners can vent the Yukon furnace out of their existing chimney or flue. Yukon Models Husky, Polar, Electric and Klondike are also UL Listed (approved) as a gravity flow, wood/coal furnace as well. This gravity flow capability is very key because in the event of a power failure, you can still keep your home warm even though the blower and oil or gas burner won’t run.



The firebox is 10-gauge steel or 2-1/2 times as thick as a conventional furnace. The conventional oil or gas warm air furnace you buy today is typically manufactured of 16-gauge steel or less than 1/16 inch thick. The lining in the wood/coal firebox is a beefy 2-inch thick firebrick for longer heat retention and firebox protection. The oil/gas firing chamber is lined with a high temperature resistant ceramic, Pyrolite, for long life of that twin, too. The entire secondary heat exchanger and the firebrick retainers and baffles, areas subject to corrosion, are all super durable stainless steel (Class 304 Industrial Grade). These furnaces are not junior lightweights, rather Olympic-class heavyweight, energy efficient, heating bill fighters.

When you buy a Yukon Multi-Fuel furnace, you are dealing with a firm that has been building and selling these economical furnaces since 1975, with over 60,000 installations. Read here the unsolicited customer letters and you will learn about people like yourself who have been saving big money on their heating bills for 10, 20, even 30 years.