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Repairing A Severely Rotted Subfloor

Construction How-To, Flooring Installation, Floors March 15, 2016 Sonia

At this point, most of the new subfloor was installed. Since the under-wall subfloor piece was notched for the pipes to slide in from the far side, the plan was to notch the new bottom wall plate so it would slide in from the near side to minimize the notch openings from lining up.

[18] LDW_15_03923

Chad used a level as a straight edge to mark the edges of new wall plate, in this case a 2×6, to replace the water damaged plate.

[19] LDW_15_03929

He used a framing square to mark the plate locations for both sides of each pipe.

[20] LDW_15_03932

He bumped his tape to each pipe and measured to the plate layout line to determine the depth of each pipe notch.

[21] LDW_15_03934

Chad used one of my jigsaws to cut out the plate notches. I didn’t even know he had my jigsaw.

[22] LDW_15_03935

After notching and fitting the new bottom plate, he nailed it to the new subfloor.

[23] LDW_15_03939

He positioned the studs, which were turned sideways in this plumbing wall, and toenailed them into the bottom plate.

[24] LDW_15_03942

On the longer diagonal subfloor splice, Chad predrilled for a plywood gusset.

[25] LDW_15_03947

He fastened the gusset under the existing subfloor so it extended out to support the edge of the new subfloor piece.

[26] LDW_15_03949

Wrapping up the subfloor in the adjacent bathroom required an interesting puzzle piece to bridge the floor joists, to match the diagonal shiplap of the existing subfloor, and to accommodate a toilet drain.

[27] LDW_15_03954

Chad completed the subfloor repair by “nailing it off” and sealing the gaps at the pipe.

Side Note

Using a Cat’s Paw

[Sidebar 01] LDW_15_03844A cat’s paw bar is a nail-pulling tool with chisel-like claws designed to dig into the wood surrounding a nail just below the nail head. Striking surfaces for hammer blows are located so the claws can be driven through the wood to the nail shank. A rounded heal acts as a pry bar fulcrum so nails can be pried out as you pull back on the bar shank.