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Preview of the International Builders’ Show

IBS 2016 December 13, 2016 Sonia


Soil Retention Systems

Soil Retention of San Diego County will exhibit what the company hails as the strongest Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) retaining wall block system in the industry, Verdura. The name Verdura comes from VERdant (green with vegetation) combined with DURAbility. The product offers the opportunity to create “living walls,” providing the strength and function of a standard retaining wall plus the added ability to sustain live plantings.

Soil Retention also offers a second “plantable” concrete system, Enviroflex, a tapered interlocking articulating concrete block (ACB) revetment system designed for erosion control in areas with high-velocity flows that are subject to scour. Enviroflex offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to rip-rap, gabion mattresses, solid concrete or asphalt linings, and other hard armor systems.

The most recent product developed by Soil Retention is Drivable Grass, which is a permeable, flexible and plantable concrete pavement system that is environmentally friendly and a beautiful alternative to poured concrete and asphalt. Drivable Grass can be used for a wide variety of applications including driveways, parking areas, fire lanes, pathways, access roads, stream bank installation, bioswales, ditches, RV and boat storage, golf cart paths and more. Visit or booth S1145.


Stego Moisture Control

Stego Industries is the leader in below-slab vapor protection in North America, specializing in moisture protection and control for the sixth side of the building: the foundation, concrete slab and crawl space. Moisture-related flooring failures, indoor air quality issues, and lost energy efficiency cost the construction industry billions of dollars each year.

Stego Wrap Vapor Barrier, StegoCrawl Wrap, and Pango Wrap Termite/Vapor Barrier help protect those homes and work spaces. Along with engineered membranes, the company has a full line of accessories to complete a comprehensive and successful installation. Stego Industries has also implemented a Carbon Footprint Project, which is a pledge to eliminate the carbon emissions of their business operations. Currently Stego operates from a 100-percent solar headquarters in San Clemente, CA. Visit booth S1014


Impression Rail from Azek and Timbertech

Following the successful launch of their Impression Rail in 2015, AZEK and TimberTech recently launched a new textured Bronze color option, which creates a striking appearance when paired with their broad palette of deck colors. The Impression Rail stands out in the market with its easy installation, up to 30 percent faster than other aluminum rail systems. Its lightweight profile saves time and labor on the job site and eliminates the need for welding equipment. The low-maintenance, high-quality, powder-coated aluminum profiles are engineered for strength, security and aesthetics. Visit booth W6371 or


Tjernlund Dryer Duct Booster

Tjernlund’s Model LB2 no-clog Dryer Duct Booster is listed to the updated DEDPV (Dryer Exhaust Duct Power Ventilator) supplement to UL705. The 2015 IRC restricts use of dryer booster fans to those tested to the DEDPV supplement. Duct runs often exceed 25 equivalent feet (each elbow equates to five additional feet of duct length) that many manufacturers set as a maximum duct length. The LB2 booster fan is rated for duct lengths up to 150 equivalent feet, which reduces drying times by up to 60 percent. The booster fan attaches easily to 4-in. rigid or flex duct and plugs into an electrical outlet. An LED indicator panel mounted near the dryer displays operational status and faults. It communicates via a factory-connected low-voltage cable to an on-board booster fan control. The control stops booster fan operation if duct temperature exceeds 165˚F or signals if the duct becomes blocked. Beyond the DEDPV-compliant control system, the heart of the LB2’s effectiveness is the exclusive no-clog, lint-handling blower design that eliminates the need for regular cleaning of lint from the housing and blower wheel. Visit or booth S444.