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Preview of the International Builders’ Show

IBS 2016 December 13, 2016 Sonia


Haas Door American Traditions Series

A first-time IBS exhibitor, Haas Door will showcase American Traditions Series garage doors in 13 solid color options plus two wood-grain base options. Each door features handcrafted quality and a rich, traditional carriage house style without the maintenance hassles of wood. The 2-in. thick steel garage doors feature CFC-free polyurethane insulation with a calculated R value of 13.45. Overlay boards add distinction and the traditional carriage house look. Models are available as single or double doors, with solid top section designs or several window options. Visit booth S1078 or


Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold Panels

Manufactured with a proprietary edge seal, Weyerhaeuser Edge Gold panels stand up to the elements. With a uniform appearance and tight thickness tolerances, Edge Gold panels come with a fastener marking system stamped on each panel to aid in fastener placement. Placed 12 inches apart, the dashed lines are spaced to accommodate support spacing of 16-, 19.2- and 24-in. on center. Each panel features the unique Down Pore technology that helps provide subfloor drainage. The unique notch and groove system efficiently channels water away from the edge of the panel and away from the supporting member. The result is that standing water collected on the surface of the floor during construction drains away. Visit booth W4013 or



Muro provides great solutions for driving screws to help you save time, energy and effort on every job all while completely eliminating those hated sore backs and knees normally associated with these tasks. Whatever your job involves—subfloor, drywall, roofing, decking or dock building—Muro has a system for you. Muro fasteners are available for these and other specialty applications including wood to steel or aluminum and exotic hardwoods with no pre-drilling required on any job. Muro tools boast 150 screws per coil (highest payload in the industry) and have a telescopic handle that adjusts to your specific working height, which are key features that no one else offers. Visit booth W6682 or


AirShim Inflatable Pry Bar and Leveling Tool

The AirShim is a contractor-grade inflatable air wedge that anyone can use to install and level everything from windows, doors and cabinets to appliances, furniture and countertops. It replaces damaging pry bars and wooden shims and allows a single installer to position and hold items in place, saving time and reducing costs by providing a much-needed “extra hand.” The AirShim is soft so it won’t scratch surfaces, yet powerful enough to raise and hold up to 300 pounds. Professional installers of large, hard-to-level objects who want a faster, more controllable lifting and adjusting alternative to pry bars and wooden shims use the AirShim because it allows a single worker to position and hold items in place. Unlike traditional wooden shims, wedges and pry bars, the AirShim can be adjusted with precision. And, by using multiple AirShims below, above, left and right of heavy objects, you can fine-tune their positioning with easy adjustments from all four sides. Visit booth S540 or