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Paint Tools Update

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SMART Edge Roller

The SMART Edge Roller from Wagner is designed to make cutting-in around windows, doors, trim and corners fast and easy. It provides a controlled and continuous flow of paint from the handle to the roller, eliminating the need for messy, dripping brushes and paint trays. Plus, there is no more taping required. The key is the Twist and Trim Tool, which has a Trim Guard and three micro brushes for painting right up to the edge of the surface, giving you a consistent finish for your entire painting project. The guard prevents the roller from touching the trim, but quickly folds away for regular rolling in small spaces. The paint tube holds 6 fl. oz. and its 3-by-3/8-in. roller allows you to edge approximately 96 linear feet in a single fill. Trim a 12-by-12-ft. room in approximately two to three fills.

AutomotiveTouchup Pen Repair


Specialty touch-up paint manufacturer AutomotiveTouchup helps DIY’ers save money and achieve professional-looking results for vehicle paint repairs. The company custom-formulates exact-match touch-up paints for thousands of cars and trucks each year using a comprehensive library of OEM colors. The key to the perfect color match is contained in the vehicle’s color code. (The trick is finding it, since it can be located in a number of places, the inside of the door being the most common.) AutomotiveTouchup formulates products to work together as part of a complete automotive paint system, and recommends using primer, basecoat and clear-coat from the same brand, providing a full range of products and detailed instructions to complete the job with success. Visit.

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Paint Brush Cover

Save time and money during extended paint painting projects with the Paint Brush Cover. Instead of wasting time rinsing brushes, the Paint Brush Cover is a simple mess-free, eco-conscious way to store paint-soaked tools between sessions. It’s a secure, leak-proof storage container for brushes of all sizes that allows painters to skip the cleanup stage.

It also reduces the amount of harmful chemicals that are washed down the drain with every home-improvement project. Each airtight container is crafted from a sturdy high-density plastic that can be stacked and stored with ease, eradicating the need to fiddle with Saran wrap, freezing or rinsing brushes mid-project. Visit


HANDY Paint Grid

The HANDy Paint Grid is marketed as the first new idea in painters’ grid screens in more than a half-century. The new grid is made in the United States entirely out of recycled plastic from car batteries. It provides additional clearance to the bottom of the paint bucket for easy paint access and snaps in place on any 5-gal. paint bucket for a secure fit. Its ergonomic handle and patented design for superior roll-off make it easy to remove excess paint and ensures that paint is distributed evenly across the surface of the entire roller cover. The 9-1/2-in. wide HANDy Paint Grid is easy to clean and, because it’s made of recycled plastic, will never rust, unlike its metal counterpart. Visit


Rockler Milk Paint

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware introduces 18 new colors of General Finishes Milk Paint, nearly tripling the selection previously available. Milk paint is a traditional, casein-based paint that’s been around for centuries and has enjoyed a remarkable resurgence in popularity in recent years. Over the last decade or so, the look has found its way into a multitude of furniture showrooms. DIY’ers use milk paints at home for many projects including cabinets, crafts and both indoor and outdoor furniture. The paint produces a special “milky” effect that is widely used on both vintage and modern furniture pieces. General Finishes Milk Paints are interior/exterior acrylic paints. Uniquely engineered with the latest in paint technology, they can be used directly from the can to produce a high-quality satin-sheen finish. Visit


Shape Tape

The makers of Frog Tape now offer Shape Tape, which features a pre-cut repeating pattern ready for easy use, and provides end-less design capabilities on walls, furniture and more. Shape Tape comes in three patterns for a variety of design options: Chevron, Wave and Scallop. Go horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Align the tape and create sections with various widths. Shift the tape alignment and create unique effects. Shape Tape is treated with patented PaintBlock Technology, a super-absorbent polymer that reacts with the water in latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro-barrier that seals the edges of the tape, which helps prevent paint bleed. Visit