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October Hot Products

Hot Products, Outdoors September 30, 2016 Sonia








YARDMAX YU3066 Full-beam Gas Log Splitter

Looking for a great log splitter? The EHT staff tested the YU3066 YARDMAX full-beam gas log splitter when removing a fallen hickory tree. With 30-ton splitting force, the YARDMAX unit ripped through logs with brute strength, turning the hardwood tree trunk into fireplace-friendly fuel. With a pivoting hinge, it easily switches from horizontal to vertical position. The four-way wedge splits in four directions, and the spinner foot plate automatically adjusts for natural log rotation.


We used the splitter in its horizontal position, rolling the logs onto the cradle and then throwing the lever to put the machine to work. Operation couldn’t be simpler with a single lever that operates both forward and reverse directions on the splitting head.


The unit has a sturdy patent-pending U-beam design and hydraulic reservoirs that house oil filters, features which protect both the equipment and operator from harm caused by split logs falling from the machine. It’s powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine and has an oversized 17-gpm pump for high cycle speed. The table accommodates logs up to 26 inches long, and when we encountered a log a little too thick to split evenly, we simply flipped it over and split the other side to create easily manageable firewood sizes. We recommend this easy-to-tow, high-powered splitter for anyone who needs to turn a lot of large logs into small ones. It comes with the YARDMAX 3-2-1 Residential Warranty, which backs materials and workmanship for three years, motors for two years, and hydraulic parts for one year. Visit


WiseWrap Flashing Tape

wisewrap-ledgertapePreventing and stopping wood rot is one of the most important aspects to consider when building a long-lasting deck. DeckWise now offers two new solutions with the WiseWrap line of polyethylene waterproof flashing tape rolls. Both products are a self-sealing, rubberized peel-and-stick adhesive that prevents wood moisture damage and also self-seals around fasteners.

WiseWrap JoistTape creates a waterproof seal when applied to the top of deck joists, which stops wood rot. Use on pressure-treated joists or on metal joist framing to create a physical barrier that prevents the corrosion.

WiseWrap LedgerTape, available in a 25-ft. roll, is a flexible polyethylene waterproof ledger-board flashing made of the same self-sealing rubberized adhesive material—only wider (12 inches). Apply LedgerTape to protect against water damage on ledger boards from siding runoff and the elements. Wrap in-ground wooden deck posts to provide a barrier against fungi and soil moisture. Visit


Hitachi Professional Finish Combo Kit KNT50AB

Hitachi Power Tools’ newest addition to the Finish Combo Kit market, the KNT50AB, features a new 6-gallon 150 Max PSI pancake air compressor (model EC710S) and Hitachi’s popular 18-Gauge 2-in. brad nailer (model NT50AE2) along with a 25-ft. hybrid hose, safety glasses and pneumatic oil. The EC710S compressor (sold exclusively as part of this kit) delivers portability with simplified operation. The pancake design is smaller and more compact to easily transport from job to job or around a home. The 1-hp oil-free high efficiency motor ensures reliable startups, even in the coldest temperatures. The brad nailer accepts 5/8- to 2-in. 18-Gauge fasteners to tackle almost any finish project.