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New Products for Outdoor Living

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We’re finally in the season for fun in the sun, when homeowners can make the most of their outdoor environment. Chilling out with a cold drink, a cool breeze and a hot grill is what summer is all about. Here’s a look at a few products for entertaining in the backyard and relaxing on the front porch.


Perennial Wood Porch Flooring

The great American porch is back in style. A Census survey reported that nearly two-thirds of new homes built in 2011 had a porch (65 percent), compared to 1995 when only 42 percent of new homes had a porch. The Census data also revealed that porch construction has been on the rise for nearly 10 years. The fact that porches generally require less maintenance than larger, fully exposed outdoor living areas also adds to their appeal, especially given new building materials designed for longevity. An example is Perennial Wood porch flooring, which is a new line of real wood tongue-and-groove porch flooring. Made possible by a proprietary process called TruLast Technology, it is three times more dimensionally stable than unmodified wood and resists changes from moisture for decades. The wood is modified with heat, pressure, and an organic compound that leaves behind no toxic substances within the wood. And because Perennial Wood is made to last longer than unmodified wood, it needs to be replaced less often, resulting in less material disposal over the long term. Without sacrificing the beauty of real wood, it resists the shrinking and swelling that can lead to separation between boards, cupping and warping. Learn more at

BEST WPD39M Outdoor Range Hood

BEST Outdoor Range Hoods

BEST releases its newest outdoor range hoods, the CPD and WPD39M, to provide a combination of style and performance. The new hoods offer homeowners the opportunity to cook in a more pleasant, safe environment while providing the elegance that designers and builders have come to expect from BEST. Perfect for outdoor grilling, these specially designed range hoods are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel to fit seamlessly into the surrounding environment, while the range hood creates a smoke-free, enjoyable atmosphere. The new range hoods offer extra-deep capture and halogen lighting, and are specially designed for the harsh environment of outdoor cooking; they are not just indoor models relabeled for outdoor use like some of our competition. Learn more at


Sonoma 12 Pergola

The Sonoma 12 Pergola not only brings all your outdoor elements together, it bring families and friends together. Made from Douglas fir, the pergola features a 12-by-12-ft. design that comes as a precision-cut kit. It creates an attractive focal point on your deck or grounds to provide a decorative visual impact while adding permanent value to the home (backed by a 3-year warranty on the structure). The picture shows the Sonoma 12 with the optional lattice roof, wall panels and post-bases. Learn more at

Firestone Home Products

Deck Rail Folding Shelf

The Deck Rail Folding Shelf is an attractive, portable shelf that fits right on the railing of your outdoor patio space. It’s a table that folds to allow room when needed and a storage/work area within a minute’s notice. It’s the perfect place to put your electric grill or to use as a food-prep surface. Conveniently designed for small outdoor spaces, the deck rail shelf fits almost any deck, patio or balcony railing and is the perfect space-saver for apartments and condos. The shelf has an antique bronze finish, assembles quickly and stores easily. Learn more at

Outdoor Greatroom Company

Grandstone Fire Pit Table

Light up the night and add warmth to your outdoor space with a beautiful fire pit, fire pit table, or tabletop model from the Outdoor GreatRoom Company. The warm and glowing fires will become the place to gather with family and friends for years to come. With several models to choose from, there’s a warm, cozy fire for every space. The Grandstone Fire Pit Table (shown) comes with a beautiful granite top on a stucco base. It features heavy-duty construction but is light enough to move. The Grandstone is made in the USA, UL-listed and comes standard with a rectangular Crystal Fire burner. Learn more at