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New Jigs and Accessories

Cutting Tools, Drills, Tool Reviews, Tools June 27, 2014 Sonia

By Matt Weber







Jigs and tool accessories provide a handy way to get more efficiency, more versatility or more accuracy from your powered equipment. Attach an auger to your drill/driver to plant a garden. Use an angle gauge to transfer a tricky crown molding angle to your miter saw. With the right accessories your tools can do more jobs, and do them better. Here’s a handful of power-tool helpers that are currently on the market.

Power Planter Auger

Whether you’re planting annuals, shrubs, bulbs, or are mixing paint or small batches of concrete, the Power Planter Auger will speed up your job dramatically compared to using a garden shovel or trowel. The #207 Power Planter Auger features a 3/8-in. non-slip hex drive that fits any 3/8-in. or larger corded or cordless drill. It’s perfect for planting 4- and 6-pack annuals in containers or flower beds, as well as planting grass plugs. The 2-in. diameter by 7-in. long auger is constructed with a heavy-duty 5/8-in. steel shaft and durable 10-gauge flighting. The #207 Power Planters are hand-welded, hand-dipped in high quality gloss black enamel paint, and ship in a hangable box for pergboard storage. Power Planters are Made in the USA and come with an unconditional warranty on materials and workmanship, excluding normal wear and tear. Visit


General’s E-Z Pro Crown King

It’s always a challenge to make accurate cuts in crown molding to create seamless joints at inside or outside corners. The new E-Z Pro Crown King (880) from General Tools & Instruments makes it a snap to cut crown molding accurately, eliminating trial and error and saving time and money.

Unlike other crown molding jigs on the market, the Crown King requires no assembly and is designed for the ultimate ease of use. It enables professional and DIY woodworkers to produce inside and outside corners with the three most common crown molding spring angles (38, 45 and 52 degrees). In combination with a miter saw, the Crown King can create precisely joining angles every time. Simply measure the corner angle, divide it by half, set your miter saw to that angle, cut and fit. No complicated compound miter angle calculations are necessary. Visit

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Skeleton T-shankSkeleton Jig Saw Blades

Spyder introduces the Skeleton Jig Saw Blades. These blades feature a number of unique design elements that produce a cleaner, straighter and cooler cut in hardwoods, softwoods, synthetics, plastics and engineered wood products. The rectangular channel section cut-outs dissipate frictional heat throughout the length of the blade so it stays cooler, resulting in less deflection and straighter cuts than a traditional jig saw blade. What makes the Skeleton Jig Saw Blade a cut above the competition is its rip-cut, gill-shaped teeth for highly clean and precise cuts. This design allows the blade to remove material on both the up and down strokes, and since the teeth maintain constant con-tact with the wood, the edges of the blade barely touch the sides of the cutting channel. Manufactured in Germany, the Skeleton Jig Saw Blades come in 10 TPI (Teeth Per Inch) and 12 TPI in both T-Shank and U-Shank configurations. Woodworking, multi-surface and combo packs are available. Visit

Sponge Sander

Hyde Dust-Free Sponge Sander

Convert your shop vacuum to a dustless sanding system with The Dust-Free Sponge Sander from Hyde Tools. This simple attachment cuts down on cleanup time by eliminating up to 95 percent of dust caused by sanding. It has a small profile, easy-to-grip sanding head for use on flat surfaces, edges and corners, and will fit any standard shop-type or industrial vacuum. It can be used to sand any wood, drywall or metal surface. In place of sandpaper, the Dust-Free Sponge Sander uses sanding sponges, which are both washable and replaceable. The kit includes a lightweight hand sander with two medium-grit sanding sponges and a vacuum hose. Visit


Milescraft 1312 DrillBlock

The DrillBlock from Milescraft guides your drill bit for straight holes every time. The two V-grooves allow for drilling on corners and even cylindrical surfaces, too. The inserted solid metal guide offers the six common drill diameters: 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 and 1/2 inch. The metal guide is held at a tight tolerance and allows you to drill a hole 90 degrees to any surface, centered on a round item or even directly into the corner of your project. Centerlines ensure accurate alignment when drilling into various surfaces. The non-slip padding holds the DrillBlock in place when drilling. The ergonomic design of DrillBlock fits into the hands easily for comfortable usage. Visit


TG Tools Kik Spade Bits

For quick drilling of large holes, spade bits offer plenty of productivity with their paddle-like shape. The spade bits from TG Tools are engineered with 30 percent more cutting surface, resulting in faster boring and longer life. Plus, the Kik bits eliminate the spur commonly found on similar bits, which allows these spade bits to drill a curved hole. Great for plumbing and electrical installations, simply start the drilling as usual and you can angle a hand drill as you bore, altering the trajectory of the hole. The 7+1-pc KIK Spade Bit Combo includes 6 spade bits (plus a brad-point) and comes in a self-standing hinged case. Visit