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Install Deck Lighting & Accessories

Construction How-To, Decks, Decks, Lighting February 3, 2009 Sonia

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By Monte Burch


Add comfort and beauty to your deck with lighting, fans and electric outlets.




A deck is one of the popular features on the homeowner project list. Adding lighting to your deck not only creates ambience, but adds to the décor and its usefulness. Deck lighting also provides more safety and security to your home. Installing electrical outlets adds to the ease of use of the deck. If the deck is covered with a canopy or sunroof, adding an outdoor fan increases comfort during the hot months. The deck and cover shown added all three, and installation is a fairly easy, do-it-yourself job. The lights shown are both low-voltage 12-volt and solar powered.

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Left: Recessed step lighting, such as that from Highpoint can be used to provide lighting for steps and stairs. Right: Railing lights can also provide more light for railings over steps or as a decor for the deck.

01 1a1a1DeckLightTT0304 Install Deck Lighting & Accessories

Left: Hanging lights, such as these from Highpoint, add to the ambience and are an excellent choice for deck canopies. Right: Solar lights, such as these post lights from Malibu, can provide illumination without the need for electricity.


See the Light

A wide variety of deck lights are available, including insert lights for steps, railing lights, post top lights, overhead deck lights and ground-based stake lights that can be used next to a low deck. Step lights make it much safer to negotiate steps at night, while railing lights can add to nighttime usefulness and visibility. Simple deck lights can be placed just about anywhere to add a downward light where needed. On the deck shown, the down lights are added to the sunroof posts on the underside of the sunroof. Post-top lights can also add to the ambience.

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Left: Solar lights can also be set on a table for party illumination. Right: Malibu deck lights placed on the upper framework of the sunroof provides a soft down light on the deck below.