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Gear Up for the Green Season

Gardening, Green Lifestyle, Landscaping, Outdoor Living, Outdoors June 5, 2013 Sonia

New Supplies for the Great Outdoors





Before friends and neighbors ever make it to your home they’re greeted by your lawn. The home’s curb appeal is the first chance to make a great impression, which is why so many savvy homeowners go crazy over lawn care. From hardscapes and flower gardens to outdoor retreats, if the home is your castle then the yard is your kingdom. Here’s a roundup of new tools and supplies to keep it looking great.

Pine Hall Brick CityCobble Pavers

When is a cobblestone not a cobblestone? When it’s a clay brick paver that takes advantage of an optical illusion. For patios, walkways and driveways, CityCobble pavers by Pine Hall Brick Company come in two sizes, 5-1/3-in. square and 5-1/3-by-8-in. rectangles, and in two colors, Mahogany and Siesta Full Range. When installed in an “I” pattern or in a modified herringbone, CityCobble gives a random cobble appearance, reminiscent of an ancient European stone walkway. In addition to CityCobble, the company offers conventional rectangular pavers, permeable pavers and thin pavers, which are laid over the top of existing poured concrete sidewalks and patios. As with all of Pine Hall Brick pavers, CityCobble are consistently sized, which makes installation easy, and many homeowners install their own projects. Plus, the pavers can withstand the weight of vehicular traffic, boasting a compressive strength of 13,000 psi, which is greater than concrete. Visit

2170 low angle front 2012-48

Earthway 2170 Broadcast Spreader

Earthway Products, Inc. now offers the 2170 commercial-grade push broadcast spreader, popular as a high-capacity model in the EV-N-SPRED broadcast spreader product line. It features a powdercoat steel chassis, height-adjustable handle, 100-lb. rust-proof poly hopper, and 13-in. pneumatic wheels on rust-proof rims. The 2170 is designed for evenly spreading all types of granular products, and is built for a lifetime of commercial use. Use it for applying pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, as well as ice-control products. This model is also available in a towable version. See this and all of the EarthWay products at


Stihl FS 50 C-E Homeowner Trimmer

The Stihl FS 50 C-E string trimmer is lightweight, balanced in hand and has a curved shaft for exceptional handling. Compared to previous models, The FS 50 C-E has the added benefit of an 8-in. longer shaft, which is great for taller users. The low exhaust emission and fuel-efficient engine—20 percent more fuel efficient than the FS 46—is ideal for home use, powering through grass and weeds with ease. This affordable trimmer features the TapAction AutoCut C 5-2 cutting head for faster line reloads, plus Stihl’s innovative Easy2Start Technology, so you can get to work with just a simple pull of the starter cord. Visit

No Gloss Sealer

DuPont Paver Armor Pro

DuPont’s Paver Armor Pro is a professional-grade line of sealers and cleaners for hardscapes. The new DuPont formulas are designed to withstand the outdoor elements and every day wear-and-tear. With three easy-to-choose product categories, the Paver Armor Pro Color Enriching Sealers, Natural Look Sealers, and Cleaners make it simple to choose the right product for every job. In addition, most of the products are water-based so users are exposed to fewer odors compared to solvent-based products. Visit


Kohler Gear-reduction Engines

In response to customer feedback demanding more choices in engine power, Kohler Engines now offers new gear reductions on select models of the company’s 7-, 9.5-, and 14-horsepower Command Pro Horizontal engines. The new options should be popular among users of lawn and landscape, construction and agriculture equipment who seek a powerful engine with reduced revolutions per minute (RPM) speed while increasing torque. The new options are available on the following models (some of which include a clutch): CH270, CH395, CH440. Visit


Bon Landscape Tie Dolly

Bon’s Landscape Tie Dolly features a V-shaped bed and a wide 39-in. wheel base for easy maneuvering of heavy and cumbersome loads around the work site. The bed is well balanced on large 16-in. diameter pneumatic wheels, making it ideal for moving large railroad or landscape ties. The unit weighs 55 lbs., bed length is 30-3/16 in., bed width is 16 in., and the handle is 29 in. Visit