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Garage & Workshop RoundUp

Garages, Ladders, Organize, Painting, Tools November 12, 2012 Sonia

Equip your Favorite Workspace with these new tools and supplies.





EvapoRust Gladiator Rack Shelving

For storage of large, bulky items, homeowners can use the Gladiator Rack Shelving from Gladiator GarageWorks. The unit measures 77 in. wide, 72 in. high and 24 in. deep, providing a heavy-duty load capacity of 2,000 pounds per shelf that’s perfect for storing heavier items like tires, fertilizer, bulk food or luggage. Practical and easy to assemble, the Gladiator Rack Shelving can fit in the garage, basement or even a large closet. Visit


Jorgensen Vise

A good workbench deserves a quality vise, such as the Jorgenson Professional Woodworker’s Vise from Woodworker’s Hardware. This pro-grade vise includes a quick-release action that lets you bypass the screw for fast opening and closing. This feature is a definite time-saver when working with multiple work pieces. Built for speed and durability, the vise includes countersunk holes on the jaws allowing for optional wood facing.

It will fit any bench up to 2-1/4-in. thick, offers a 9-in. jaw capacity and comes with a 1-in. diameter solid hardwood handle. Visit


Racor Snap2It Storage System

The Racor Snap2It storage concept starts with a universal WallDock that simply installs on one stud with two fasteners and then homeowners can snap any one of seven different Snap2It storage solution products onto the WallDock. The WallDock’s button allows you to release that rack, hanger, basket or wrap and take it with you or place it on another WallDock—with no tools required. The Snap2It products include a variety of hooks, racks hangers and baskets to store everything from ladders and chainsaws to bikes and power cords. Snap2It WallDocks are the centerpiece for all Racor Snap2It products, and homeowners can purchase a 3-pack to support all Snap2It storage products (MSRP $9 for the 3-pack). Visit


Dust Cobra

To keep your garage, workshop—or work site—as tidy as possible, the Dust Cobra dust collector from Oneida features high suction and airflow that makes it perfect for tools with 4- to 1-in. dust ports. The high-efficiency cyclone tech-nology combined with the Rapid Pulse internal filter cleaner prevents the HEPA filter from clogging. All dust goes to the 17-gallon dust bin, which is lined with a plastic bag for easy removal and disposal. Plus, the Dust Cobra offers full HEPA certification, and the HEPA filter pulses clean in seconds. Visit