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Fan-tastic Bath Venting Tips

Bath, Construction How-To, Projects, Remodeling March 22, 2017 Sonia

All joints are sealed with aluminum tape.

The best way to ensure that your bathroom fan has the time it needs to achieve proper air exchanges is through the use of a shower fan timer. Fan timers come in all styles, but I prefer the ones that are preset or allow you to set the fan at the time of installation. I have my fans set to 30 minutes, which covers a 10-minute shower and 20 minutes of run time. If the shower takes longer, I reset it prior to leaving the bathroom.

Here’s the interior exit point where the duct terminates the vent hood.

Choosing and installing the best fan for your location is an important part of your bathroom remodel. A quality bathroom fan, properly installed will remove moisture and odors from your bathroom and will improve your indoor air quality.

Remember to take the time to thoroughly understand your bathroom ventilation needs and to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as well as these best practices for installation procedures. The result will be FAN-tastic!

Side Note

Duct Installation Tips

Seal all joints in the pipe, elbow and connection seams with aluminum tape (not standard duct tape).

When possible, use smooth, solid aluminum duct. Ribbed plastic duct can develop dips where moisture can condense and pool, and eventually cause odors or leak into the ceiling below. Over time the flexible plastic can also become brittle and crack, so the solid aluminum duct is a better quality material.

Smooth, solid aluminum duct has less air resistance than the ribbed plastic duct.

Install the duct with the seams facing upward and with a slight slope toward the exterior vent hood. In unconditioned attics or crawlspaces, insulate the duct.

Bathroom vent ducts must always terminate on the outside of the house.

Vent to the outside of the house using a backdraft-protected hood.