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Stabilize a Floor for Tile

              Subfloors for tile installations require a little more attention to detail than other flooring materials. A floor might be solidly constructed and adequately supported but still have a degree of “bounce” or vibration when people walk across the room. This is usually not a major problem with resilient flooring, carpet or even some […]

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AWPA Reaffirms Efficacy of Above Ground Treatment Standards For Outdoor Uses

Sunbelt Forest Products is pleased to announce that the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) has reaffirmed Ecolife and Copper Azole Type C (CAC) as effective treatments for use with above ground outdoor wood applications including joists and beams. “The recent modifications to the AWPA standards for treated wood components considered ‘difficult to replace’ had caused some confusion in the industry,” […]

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Editor’s Picks

              By Matt Weber Over the past year I’ve found a few tools and devices that have made life on the jobsite a little easier or more convenient. I thought you might like to see them as well. AirShim The AirShim is a shim that blows up like a balloon. This flat, inflatable air […]

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Give an Old Patio a Facelift

              By Walt Steele There’s good news and there’s good news. You can have a new clay paver patio or walkway without digging, without spreading crusher run, without tamping, without measuring out an inch of sand and screeding it smooth. You can do it without cutting a single clay paver. And you can make […]

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Fighting Mold and Mildew

              The fight against mold and mildew will be an ongoing war for homeowners, not just a battle to win once and then live happily ever after. The forces of nature will inevitably give rise to the same shady, damp conditions that led to the mold growth that you abated, and you’ll have to […]

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