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October Hot Products

              YARDMAX YU3066 Full-beam Gas Log Splitter Looking for a great log splitter? The EHT staff tested the YU3066 YARDMAX full-beam gas log splitter when removing a fallen hickory tree. With 30-ton splitting force, the YARDMAX unit ripped through logs with brute strength, turning the hardwood tree trunk into fireplace-friendly fuel. With a pivoting […]

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Installing New Deck Boards Over a Solid, Existing Frame

                  By Larry Walton I had been keeping this deck alive for several years with an occasional replacement board, some sanding,a little deck stain. I even trimmed the ends of a section of the cantilevered deck boards. But now the time had arrived to build a new deck. I started pulling off […]

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Installing New Brake Rotors and Pads

                By Larry Walton Brakes: Few would dispute their importance on any vehicle, but the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT shown in this article can really give a braking system a workout. The Grand Cherokee has the capability to do some serious off-roading, which requires solid, precise braking. But more often these machines are […]

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Bottom-to-Top Energy Tips for the Home

            The 25th anniversary of Energy Awareness Month in October serves as an ideal time for builders and home buyers to pay special attention to the construction of new homes. Originally designated by President George Bush in 1991, Energy Awareness Month spotlights how specifying energy-efficient products when a home is built can help homeowners save […]

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Deck Building Tips

            By Mark Clement Why do I love building wood decks so much? I think it’s because a well-crafted deck is more than a box and some boards on the back of a house. A lot more. Because I’m a contractor and a carpenter, I find that decks are part layout, part site work, and […]

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Power Tool Accessories

              By Matt Weber Get more from your power tools by using the right accessories. Tools are crucial for the professional craftsman or the serious DIY’er, but what if you could optimize those tools for more versatility, making a good tool even better? With a wide variety of available accessories you can optimize, organize, […]

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Top 6 Tools to Start Your Woodworking Shop

              By Ted Leger It took one time working with lumber and wood stock and I was hooked. From then on I loved to eat, sleep and talk about woodworking to everyone. And within a short period, I built my first shop and grabbed my tools and organized them. That was my “man cave.” […]

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September Hot Products

QuietWalk QuietWalk is a fiber acoustic underlayment that dampens sound, provides a host of “healthful” environmental attributes, and helps retain clean indoor air. Carefully engineered to control sound, QuietWalk meets or exceeds IIC and STC sound ratings, dampens ambient sound and helps minimize impact and airborne sound from traveling into the room below. In addition, its randomly air-laid filaments create […]

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