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Deck Product Roundup

Construction How-To, Decks, Decks, Outdoor Living February 11, 2016 Sonia


TimberTech 3D

Deck and RailTimberTech introduces a revolutionary approach to deck design with a realistic 3D iPad app that takes deck and rail visualization to a new level. Using groundbreaking, augmented reality technology, the new app, called TimberTech 3D Deck and Rail, allows iPad users to envision their deck and rail choices right in their own backyard. The app utilizes a “visualization marker,” downloadable at the TimberTech website, to allow a user to customize each design with various TimberTech Deck and Rail products, colors and even different baluster in-fill options. It then provides an accurate 3D image of what the future deck might look like—in the exact space it will be built. With TimberTech 3D, the iPad user will simply place the marker at the desired deck location on the back of their home or on any flat area. Then, launch the app and enter the Visualizer mode to scan the marker and activate the computer vision magic. Once activated, a user can add deck boards and railing profiles in any TimberTech color and with any TimberTech railing infill.

When choices are complete, a realistic image is created that allows the user to visualize their deck as if they were viewing it in their own backyard. Visit


SuperDeck Transparent Wood Stain

SuperDeck Transparent Wood Stain was developed over 20 years ago to meet the demands of a variety of extreme climates found in California. From the highest peaks of the Sierra Nevada mountains to the low and damp northern coastlines to the dry heat of the valleys and deserts, Superdeck is a consumer and contractor favorite due to the ease of use and long-lasting results. The oil-based formula penetrates deep into wood fibers for years of enjoyment and protection against the elements in any climate. Superdeck is formulated to resist growth of mildew and algae on the coating’s surface. The three-oil formula repels water, just like water off a duck’s back. Its easy-to-apply, one-coat coverage lubricates wood fibers to reduce cracking and checking, and the product is VOC-compliant with formulas as low as 100 VOC. The transparent finish highlights the natural wood grain, and iron-oxide pigments provide maximum UV protection. Visit


Armstrong-Clark Exterior Wood Stain

While most stain companies are moving to hybrid or water-borne formulas, Armstrong-Clark is experiencing significant growth with a natural looking, low-VOC, traditional penetrating oil formula. Why? Because it’s long-lasting, easy to apply, and a breeze to maintain. One formula is suitable for all applications, unlike many competing products. Apply the preservative no matter how hot it is, in direct sunlight, and even when rain is coming soon. You’ll have no peeling, cracking or shiners to deal with. The two newest colors, Mahogany and Amber, have pigments specific for hardwoods that work exceedingly well on softwoods. A favorite application is Amber on redwood, cedar or treated pine. Sample cans are available in 4-oz. sizes. Visit



DryJoistEZ, winner of Architect magazine’s R&D award, is the first and only structural deck drainage system on the market. Unlike traditional wooden deck joists, DryJoistEZ’s surface boards are supported by the same integrative structural design, enabling you to create a 100-percent dry area below your deck. DryJoistEZ uses only two components and is engineered for versatility, speedy installation and easy handling. Available in lengths up to 24 feet, with a spanning capability of 6 to 8 feet, DryJoistEZ is perfect for balconies and decks for both residential and commercial decking applications. Creating a waterproof channel for your deck is no longer an afterthought to design. DryJoistEZ’s integrative engineering is a single system, eliminating ‘add-on’ underdeck gutter systems or drainage substructures. This 100-percent waterproof decking solution also comes with an industry-leading leak-proof guarantee. Visit