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Deck Product Roundup

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Ecolife Stabilized Wood

Real wood is the most sustainable, renewable and economical decking and fencing option you can use, and Viance offers improved wood treatment solutions that allow the beauty of real wood to shine through. Ecolife Stabilized Weather-Resistant Wood is fully protected against termite attack and decay, and the proprietary treatment also stabilizes the wood structure. Ecolife Stabilized Wood significantly reduces the problems of bending, twisting or warping that affect many other treated wood products, so Ecolife performs much better as the structural frame beneath any deck surface. Visit


Olympus Horizontal Bar Railing

Horizontal bar railings for your home or office typically require onsite welding and fabrication.

A new railing system from AGS Stainless changes that with a component-based horizontal bar rail system that is fabricated in its entirety at the factory. The experts at AGS Stainless help you design the system; create all the installation drawings and do the welding, fabricating and even finishing. Installation is quick and easy, requiring only a few simple hand tools. Visit



Available in aluminum, brass, copper or powder-coated finish, QuickCaps fit any 4×4 post to protect the end-grain from water damage while decorating a fence or handrail system and emphasizing the woodwork. To install, just mark the center of the post, position the cap nail on the center mark, then use a rubber mallet to drive the QuickCap into the post. Visit or

Post Shields Trimmer Angle Color

Post Shields

Post Shields are a simple low-cost solution to conceal and protect mailbox, deck, pergola and fence posts from unsightly damage caused by lawn equipment. Lawnmowers and grass trimmers damage the bottom of posts, and the exposed wood will deteriorate faster, look unsightly and attract insects. You can now affordably protect your posts and maintain the beauty of your home with Post Shields, which look great and are easy to install on new or existing posts with no tools necessary. If your posts have already taken a beating, you can use Post Shields to cover the damage and immediately stop further destruction. Post Shields provide a beautiful and sharp look to your landscape whether they are there to hide damage, protect, or just look great. They’re available in multiple colors, post and height sizes. Visit


Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish

The Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish from DeckWise brings out the natural wood color on hardwood decks. The finish penetrates even the most dense exotic hardwoods to seal and protect deck boards while conditioning the wood fibers at the same time, maintaining a totally natural wood appearance. Apply Ipe Oil to Ipe, Massaranduba, Tigerwood, Cumaru and many other hardwoods to preserve the natural exotic beauty of your decking.

Ipe Oil Deck Finish is formulated as an oil-based natural wood finish with low VOCs and designed for exterior hardwood decks. It is specially prepared to inhibit splintering and warping of even the densest hardwood deck boards on the market and delivers a strong UV-protection barrier on the wood. Visit