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  • Scouting Out Routers

    Power Tools, Tool Reviews, Tools, Woodworking - Directory October 28, 2003 Sonia

    Routers are a way of life for some woodworkers. They are probably the most fun woodworking tool, and the tasks they can perform are greatly varied. One of the most common router uses for the homeowner is edging plastic laminates on countertops and other projects. Routers can also be used to make molding and house trim, as well as create […]

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  • Chainsaws 101

    Cutting Tools, Outdoor power equipment, Tools October 26, 2003 Sonia

      Chainsaws — the ultimate tool for some, the ultimate nightmare for others. Chainsaws are actually neither. Once considered the primary tool of professional loggers, ranchers and farmers, chainsaws became a popular homeowner tool when Robert McCulloch introduced the first lightweight model back in the late ’60s. Since that time chainsaws have become increasingly popular with homeowners. Of course, they’re […]

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