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  • ITC Confirms Bosch Infringes SawStop Patents

    DIY Updates, Tools December 1, 2016 chad

      ITC Confirms Bosch Infringes SawStop Patents: Judge Recommends Reaxx Importation Ban Tualatin, OR — December 1, 2016 On November 10th, the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) confirmed Administrative Law Judge Thomas B. Pender’s previous patent infringement findings against Robert Bosch Tool Corporation. The ITC will now consider Judge Pender’s recommended next steps including “a cease and desist order issue […]

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  • Holiday Gift Guide 2016

    Tools November 17, 2016 Matt Weber

                When shopping for gifts this holiday season, keep in mind that new tools are always a good pick for a serious DIY’er. And if you live with that DIY’er, these gifts offer a sly way to subtly encourage improvements and repairs around your household. EHT offers a few gift ideas for the home improver […]

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  • Tool List for Floor Tile

    Floors, Tile, Tool Reviews, Tools November 7, 2016 Sonia

                  By Matt Weber Tile is a versatile building material that can be used for floors, walls, countertops and more. However, tile’s hard, brittle nature and method of installation requires specialty tools that you’ll need for a successful project. Here’s a checklist of the basics along with a few how-to tips thrown in for […]

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  • Power Tool Accessories

    Tool Reviews, Tools September 13, 2016 Sonia

                  By Matt Weber Get more from your power tools by using the right accessories. Tools are crucial for the professional craftsman or the serious DIY’er, but what if you could optimize those tools for more versatility, making a good tool even better? With a wide variety of available accessories you can optimize, organize, […]

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  • Garage Gear 2016

    Tool Reviews, Tools July 7, 2016 Sonia

                  By Matt Weber The garage: built to shelter vehicles but used for a little of everything. Whether your garage serves as a mechanic’s workshop, a storage shed, or your home-improvement headquarters, there is plenty of equipment to help you decorate the place, organize the area, and work more efficiently. Check out all the […]

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  • Editor’s Picks

    Tool Reviews, Tools May 17, 2016 Sonia

                  By Matt Weber Over the past year I’ve found a few tools and devices that have made life on the jobsite a little easier or more convenient. I thought you might like to see them as well. AirShim The AirShim is a shim that blows up like a balloon. This flat, inflatable air […]

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