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Tool Reviews

  • A Look at Hybrid and Job Site Saws

    Saws, Tool Reviews, Tools April 3, 2012 Sonia

    By Charlie Self   Everyone Wants a Table Saw: Exploring Hybrid and Job Site Saws for the DIY Homeowner.

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  • Milwaukee Revolutionizes Fluorescent Light Maintenance

    Tool Reviews April 2, 2012 admin

    Editor’s Note:  EHT editorial sampled these in Milwaukee and both Matt and I came away thinking this tool is going to really make an impact on building maintenance personnel. MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation continues to expand their Test and Measurement line with the introduction of a new-to-world product for testing/troubleshooting fluorescent

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  • Latest in Ladder Innovation

    Ladders, Tool Reviews February 28, 2012 Sonia

    By Matt Weber                   A ladder is a must-have tool for professionals and serious DIY’ers alike. They’re also heavy, bulky and difficult to store, making a ladder purchase a decision worth war-gaming with an eye the jobs you’ll likely face and the space you have available for storage. For some houses, an […]

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  • Router Bit Review

    Floors, Tool Reviews January 13, 2012 Sonia

    By Matt Weber (originally published November 2011)       From the professional carpenter to the hobbyist woodworker, routers are amazingly versatile tools that can cut functional wood joints or craft all sorts of decorative profiles. However, any router is only as effective as its bit. Router bits range from simple round-over styles that ease sharp edges to edge-beading bits […]

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