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Tool Reviews

  • Tools Unplugged

    Power Tools, Tool Reviews, Tools November 21, 2013 Sonia

    By Matt Weber Power tools are nice, but once America’s grid collapses in the wake of an electromagnetic pulse attack, how are you going add tasteful wainscoting to your doomsday shelter if you don’t have quality hand tools? The EHT staff has rounded up some of our toolbox favorites that we’ll use to fortify our homes after the apocalypse. These […]

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  • Fall Hot Products

    Tool Reviews November 11, 2013 Sonia

                    Wagner Introduces the FLEXiO 590 Sprayer The FLEXiO 590 Sprayer is an indoor/outdoor hand-held sprayer for all projects. It combines the iSpray nozzle, detail finish nozzle and the X-Boost turbine to provide the most flexible and powerful painting solution offered. The X-Boost turbine delivers 3X more power (at 65,000 RPM’s) to spray […]

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  • Advancements in Drills & Drivers

    Tool Reviews, Tools October 22, 2013 Sonia

    By Matt Weber         Drills and drivers make up the baseline of must-have DIY tools. If you don’t have one, you’re probably not getting much work done. Browse the aisles of your local hardware store and you’ll see the evolution of drills and powered drivers, and for years the design trend has been a focus on achieving […]

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  • May Hot Products

    DIY Updates, Home Improvement Products, Latest Home Improvement Products, Tool Reviews, Tools May 15, 2013 Sonia

                  Oneida Super Dust Deputy Oneida Air Systems’ new Super Dust Deputy can turn your inefficient single-stage dust collector into a super cyclonic collector. This molded, patent-pending, static dissipative plastic cyclone separates more than 99 percent of waste before it reaches your collector. This prevents filter clogging and keeps airflow high and consistent. There’s […]

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