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Tool Reviews

  • Selecting the Correct Plier for the Job

    Tool Reviews, Tools November 23, 2015 Sonia

    channellock 369 Linemens wide angle

                      Knowledgeable tradesmen and serious DIY’ers know that a quality pair of pliers goes a long way toward getting a job done. They rely on their pliers to hold up under grueling conditions and applications. Many consumers may not realize that there are many types of pliers for just as many uses—some […]

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  • Handy Fasteners for Home Improvement

    Hot Products, Tool Reviews November 17, 2015 Sonia


                      By Tom Matthews Your home-improvement project is only as strong as the fasteners that hold it together. From nails and screws to innovative metal hardware, here’s a look at some common solutions as well as some of the latest developments in those unsung heroes of house construction. Coated Fasteners Today’s exterior […]

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  • Gear Up Your Work Zone

    Basement, Garages, Tool Reviews October 20, 2015 Sonia


                  Equip your garage, basement or workshop with the tools and supplies you need to tackle home projects, both big and small. Moduline Since the company’s inception, Moduline has manufactured the best aluminum cabinets available on the market. Made in the USA from the highest quality materials, the precise workmanship is reflected in cabinets […]

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  • Woodworking Tools

    Tool Reviews, Tools September 18, 2015 Sonia


                    Handy Tools for the DIY Woodworker By Tom Matthews

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  • Behind The Scenes Of Channellock

    Tool Reviews, Tools August 18, 2015 Sonia


                  A recent survey of consumers in the United States, China, Germany and France found that more than 65 percent of Europeans prefer products made in their home countries. However, more than 80% of those surveyed in the U.S. and 61 percent in China said they would pay a premium for American-made goods over […]

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  • ToolBox Additions for the DIY’er

    Tool Reviews, Tools May 18, 2015 Sonia

    channellock 369CRFT 0001

    New Additions for Your ToolBox

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  • Screwdriver Innovations

    Tool Reviews, Tools March 16, 2015 Sonia

    Sdrive Lead2

                    Driver Update By Larry Walton The modern world is held together with fasteners, and whether you’re putting something together or taking it apart, the right tools make all the difference. Here’s a roundup of some of the latest screwdriver designs to add to your toolbox. Channellock Professional Screwdrivers Channellock Inc., a family-owned […]

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  • 125 Years of American Manufacturing

    Tool Reviews, Tools March 4, 2015 Sonia

    Channellock E series E348CB 0001

                  Extreme How-To speaks to Jon DeArment, president and COO of Channellock Inc., about the company’s long-standing tradition of manufacturing high-quality tools in the USA. How do feel Channellock’s American work force benefits your company? To be able to say that our world-famous pliers are still made in Meadville, Pennsylvania, is a source of […]

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  • Paint Tools Update

    Construction How-To, Decorating, Home Improvement Products, Painting, Projects, Tool Reviews, Tools February 12, 2015 Sonia

    Strokes of golden paint

      Hands-down the most popular project among do-it-yourselfers, painting is a fundamental way to transform the look and feel of any room or object, indoors or out. With a little patience, diligent prep work, a coat of primer and the proper procedure, you can apply a new coat of paint with professional-looking results. Here’s a roundup of new painting equipment […]

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  • Impact Driver Update

    Power Tools, Tool Reviews, Tools January 22, 2015 Sonia


    New Tools & Accessories               Impact Drivers are a relatively new power-tool category that’s taken the construction world by storm. Unlike conventional powered screwdrivers, an impact driver uses an internal anvil to deliver much higher rotational torque than conventional drill/drivers. When the power needed to drive the fastener exceeds the torque of the tool’s rotational […]

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