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Tool Reviews

  • Pro Tips for Caulk/Sealant Success

    Caulk/Sealant Products, Tool Reviews April 12, 2017 Sonia

                  By Tom Matthews Caulk products serve a number of functions around the home, but it all boils down to filling gaps. Whether you’re filling joints between two materials for aesthetic reasons or you’re filling gaps in your home to prevent air or water infiltration, the application of the product is usually done in […]

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  • Channellock, Inc. Keeps History Alive Through Channellock® Champions

    Tool Reviews, Tools March 10, 2017 Sonia

    When a company has been around for over 130 years, how do they stay innovative? If they’re smart, they keep an eye on evolving platforms such as social media, while staying true to the quality and tradition that is their foundation. This is Channellock, Inc. Celebrating their 131st year, Channellock, Inc. is best known for evolving and elevating their tools […]

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  • Toolbox Essentials

    Tool Reviews, Tools March 8, 2017 Sonia

                  By Tom Matthews Power tools are big, noisy and fun, but it’s often the smaller tools that get the big jobs accomplished. Check out this collection of crucial items for tackling the repair and improvement projects around your home. Channellock Tongue-and-Groove Pliers The 440 12-in. Straight Jaw Tongue-and-Groove plier made by Channellock is […]

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  • Deck Product Update

    Decks, Outdoor Living, Tool Reviews March 1, 2017 Sonia

                    Decks offer homeowners a versatile way to customize their outdoor entertainment area. From a wide range of building materials to an even wider array of decorative amenities, the way we build—and rebuild—our decks are always evolving. Here’s a rundown of some of the latest deck-building products on the market. Impression Rail With […]

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  • Tool List for Floor Tile

    Floors, Tile, Tool Reviews, Tools November 7, 2016 Sonia

                  By Matt Weber Tile is a versatile building material that can be used for floors, walls, countertops and more. However, tile’s hard, brittle nature and method of installation requires specialty tools that you’ll need for a successful project. Here’s a checklist of the basics along with a few how-to tips thrown in for […]

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  • Power Tool Accessories

    Tool Reviews, Tools September 13, 2016 Sonia

                  By Matt Weber Get more from your power tools by using the right accessories. Tools are crucial for the professional craftsman or the serious DIY’er, but what if you could optimize those tools for more versatility, making a good tool even better? With a wide variety of available accessories you can optimize, organize, […]

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  • Top 6 Tools to Start Your Woodworking Shop

    Cutting Tools, Sanders, Saws, Tool Reviews September 8, 2016 Sonia

                  By Ted Leger It took one time working with lumber and wood stock and I was hooked. From then on I loved to eat, sleep and talk about woodworking to everyone. And within a short period, I built my first shop and grabbed my tools and organized them. That was my “man cave.” […]

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  • Garage Gear 2016

    Tool Reviews, Tools July 7, 2016 Sonia

                  By Matt Weber The garage: built to shelter vehicles but used for a little of everything. Whether your garage serves as a mechanic’s workshop, a storage shed, or your home-improvement headquarters, there is plenty of equipment to help you decorate the place, organize the area, and work more efficiently. Check out all the […]

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