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  • Island Workspace for The Kitchen

    Construction How-To, Kitchen, Punch! June 24, 2009 admin

    While pewter bowls, flatware, chaffing dishes, and hand painted trays may make up an entertainer’s dreams, those visions can seem more like a nightmare when it comes time to store the pieces. A kitchen island might be the answer. Using premade products, you can create an island in just a weekend—we’ll show you how. Finishing details such as beaded-board paneling […]

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  • What is an Incinerating Toilet?

    Bath, DIY Questions and Answer, Plumbing - Directory, Remodeling May 20, 2009 admin

    Q.  What is an incinerating toilet? A. Designed for use where no drain lines or septic/sewer system exists, an incinerating toilet is a waterless toilet that incinerates “black water” to eliminate the septic pump-out processes. In other words, it burns waste instead of flushing it away with water. There are two types of these units: electric and gas-powered (diesel or […]

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